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edit Episode 85:Simlish Ends

(Strangetown, in a house. The group is playing Myshuno!)

Aquarii: Okay, this is getting ridiculous! I can't understand any of you!

(Aquarii takes out the monkey's paw from the APC)

Aquarii: I wish that these people here spoke English and not Simlish so I may understand them!

(The paw punches him in the mouth, and it falls to the ground. The sims now speak English, but the wish from the paw had come with a price...)

Aquarii: Да! Теперь я могу понять идет дальше! Ожидание... что-то не справедливо здесь...

Braycat: Holy buffalo.

Emmzed: You should have asked Adam or Han to translate...

Engelsfair: Commie!

Supwealuhop: Curry powder will help.

Aquarii: Я не буду некоторо коммунистом!

Engelsfair: Aquarii's a commie! Aquarii's a commie!

(Aquarii takes out his 9mm and shoots Engelsfair in the foot)

Engelsfair: Commiespeak!

(With Curry Powder, Supwealuhop returns the English language to Aquarii. The sims still know English.)

General Grunt: I want to shoot commies and aliens.

Engelsfair: AAAAAAA!

(Nervous Subject Stuffs Face)

(Pollination Tech punches General Grunt)

Dizberg: Why do you always eat?

Nervous: Because my Hunger need drops every time I am experimented on.

(General Grunt shoots Pollination Tech, Nervous eats)

(Adam buys a phone and calls the police)

Tank Grunt: Cool! Dad, can I shoot that commie?

General Grunt: Yes!

(Tank shoots Engelsfair)

Engelsfair: COMMIE OW!

Han: What is the greatest thing in the world?


(Police arrives, Nervous chats with policeman)


Policeman: Where is the crime?

Engelsfair: Nowhere.

(Policeman leaves, fines Adam 200 simoleons)

Adam: Argh!

Keira: Supwealuhop, use your curry powder!

Supwealuhop: Can't you use some "indian healing potion?"

Nervous: Food.

Adam: ENGELSFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mortimer: Bella, I love you.

(Bella and Mortimer Woo-Hoo in a hot tub)

Everyone else: EWW!

Adam: About the virgins, I can create three beauties.

Supwealuhop: Sure.

(Adam creates the Virgin family of three female adults and moves them into a house)

(Engelsfair sets the house on fire)

Han: I hope they have a fire alarm... <gets a fire extinguisher>

(Han puts fire out, and punches Engelsfair. Everybody takes the time to learn how to cook.)

Supwealuhop: Robert, we have 3 virgins.

( A dark portal forms around the house and it is sucked into a wormhole and sent to the Yukon. Murphy appears wearing evil clothing. No sims really care, this happens all the time here.)

Murphy: It's about time!

(Murphy disappears.)

Everyone: Lets stay here!

(A clipper ship sails through the road. Corsaire steps down.)

Han: Oh great.

Corsaire: By order of the monarchy I declare this land part of France!

Flandos: What are thoust doing, Corsaire? I hadeth thought thee were going to the Olde London Pub!

Corsaire: Sorry! Sorry! I have to make a good report to King Chirac on our territorial gains!

Flandos: (Sigheth)

(The ship reverses its course and moves towards London)

Han: On second thought...

(Credits roll)

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