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edit Episode 77:SHOOP DA WHOOP!

(Three nukes are carreening towards spots. Start in a Grue Army base)

Blaning: How do you stop the missiles?

(Han gets up, no longer insane)

Han: What...happened?

Blaning: You went insane, launched nukes all over the place, shot everyone, blew me up with a nuke, and got knocked out.

Han: Oh no! Nukes! SAY TWIN SUNS!

Blaining: Twin Suns!

(Missles fly towards Pluto)

Emmzed: Hey, I keep Maple Syrup there!

Nikita: You keep frozen maple syrup on Pluto...

Han: Say COMMIE!

Blaning: COMMIE!

(Missiles fly towards Engelsfair)

Engelsfair: That is even worse!



(Missiles fly towards a House in the middle of a forest, and Blaning gets a Hell Outta Here)

Nikita: More damage!?!



(Missiles fly towards a planet outside our solar system)

Braycat: What is "Solar System?"

Engelsfair: A location where COMMIES LIVE!

(Missiles fly towards Engelsfair's home)

(Missile targeting computer asplodes)

(Engelsfair's house asplodes)

Keira: Communist village go boom.


Froggy|Canada: Ribbit, eh?

Nikita: It's not like you're going to be going there for the rest of the series...

Han: Wait, I didn't program the targeting computer to fire a Engelsfair's house by saying "where commies live."

Dizberg: Stop breaking the fourth wall!

Adam: You just broke it, Dizberg.


(Zatoichi takes his sword, screams, then runs into a door.)

Nikita: Who let this guy have a sharp object?

Han: That's a Shoshone blade...

Adam: Keira! Braycat!

Keira and Braycat: What is it?

Braycat: Where is my war sword?

Keira: I believe Zatoichi has gone insane with it.

Zatoichi: (Screams)

(He runs into a machine, starts slashing, and destroys it)

Han: That's the base power generator!

(Power goes out)

{Starnes sneaks in)

Starnes: Are you talking to me?

Han: No. Anyway, it is dark. We need to get to the utility room on the fourth floor. That, or get to the arsenal, grab a whole lot of weapons... and a few APCs... and get out of here.

(Han kicks Starnes)

Adam: Oh yeah, he's a burglar.

(L arrests Starnes)

Braycat: Should we go to the village's weapon storage, or should we go to this "Utility room?"

(Han rips a flare from his belt and activates it.)

Han: Decide quickly. This is my last flare.

(The flare wanes)

Han: Damn!

(Engelsfair gets out a CommuFlare and activates it)

(Han squeezes stress ball, and punches Engelsfair)

Han: Don't go crazy... don't go crazy...

Engelsfair: The flare is red for Communism!

Engelsfair: CommuFlares Rule. Plus, you can be arrested if you punch me again.

Han: Oh wait...

(Han takes out a laser sword, sword gives light)

L: Do not attack Engelsfair.

Froggy|Canada: Ribbit!

(Froggy de-Canada-izes and attacks Engelsfair with extreme prejudice)

(L arrests Froggy)

(Han squeezes stress ball)

Han: Don't go insane...kill Engelsfair.

(Han punches Engelsfair)

Engelsfair: I request a restraining order on Han.

(Han goes temporarily insane, and shoots Engelsfair, who still lives. Blaning throws a bucket of water on Han)

Han: Thanks. Where did you get that bucket?

Blaining: The latrines.

Han: WHAT!

Blaining: Actually, the kitchen.

Aquarii: NOW!!!!

(Everybody looks oddly at Aquarii, yet again. Marching of troops can be heard at a distance. A seargent is yelling.)

Sarge: MOVE MOVE MOVE! This base needs to be cleared!

(Clipper smashes through the wall)

Corsaire: I hereby annex this base to Fran-

Han: Not this time. I own this land. don't you have enough plane wrecks already?

Adam: This base is surrounded by land. HOW DID YOU GET HERE?

(Braycat and Keira trade beaver pelts for French goods)

Dizberg: What the...

Sarge: Protect the base!

(Vandals attack base, Grue Army artillery fire lights the sky) )

Vandal: Hey! Stop painting over my graffiti! <Writes "PENISPENISPENIS!" on wall>

(Room with the group, is hit by artillery fire, credits roll)

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