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edit Episode 75:Insanity

(In the ruins)

Engelsfair: The ring is not here, but I can locate it using Communism!


(Engelsfair throws a Communist pamphlet, and it lands on a spot, where he digs and finds a grue-control ring)

Engelsfair: HA! No more grues will attack me!

Han: Hand over the ring.

Bill: Actually, hand it over here.

Engelsfair: I am handing it to COMMUNISM!

(Engelsfair makes all grues COMMIES! He makes them only eat NON-COMMIES! He makes them love hammers and sickles!)


Aquarii: Ooh look, a 24 Commie DVD!

Han: Don't you join in too.

Commie: Comrade Engelsfair, I need your COMMUNISM REPORT for the week.

Engelsfair: Here, take it.

Commie: Wow, you made all grues communists and blew up the Pentagon! Nice!

Engelsfair: More like crashed into it while riding a missile.

Commie: I must go.

Engelsfair: So, Han, I hear you are now the general of a COMMIE army!


(In the Oval Office)

Bush: We must destroy the terrorists before they do the same! The USA declares war on France for aiding commie terrorists!

French ambassador: Why you...

(Starnes shoots FA.)

Bush: Thanks.

(Back to Communism-Land the ruins)

Adam: Ok, Engelsfair, that was just e...

Engelsfair: COMMUNISM!

(Han is in the fetal position sucking his thumb)


(Han is crying)

(Inside the prison)

Prison Warden: The prisoners have escaped! Call Bush!

Bush: (on phone) What, you mean...oh great. Engelsfair escaped!

Prison guard: Er, yes Bush.

(Back at the ruins. A SWAT team has come.)

SWAT Officer L: You are under arrest!

Adam: QVFD!

(Adam shoots his QVFD gun at a lot of SWAT team members, killing a lot)

Engelsfair: Er, communism?


(Froggy and Engelsfair do a bit of a tag-team attack against the SWAT officers, killing every one of them but L. L runs.)

SWAT Officer L: I'm gonna need backup! What do you mean, every grue on the force has left to go to China?

(A SWAT truck drives into the scene. It is immediately blown up.)

Dizberg: You know I am a demolitions expert, right?

(Meanwhile, back at the Pentagon. Robert Gates moves from the ashes.)

Robert: Damn you Starnes! I'll get back my porn collection from you even if it takes me all day!

(A sock suddenly turns into Blaning)

Blaning: Hey, it took shorter than I thought.


(Robert kills Blaning, who comes back to life)

Blaning: You can't win.

(Back at the Baron's ruins)

Nikita: You know how much we destroy on a daily basis, Dizberg. Why do you have to destroy more!?!

Dizberg: Because it is fun.

Shandion: Wow, nice explosion!

Emmzed: I have heard that Blaning is back with communism.

(Han goes insane)

Han: The Commies shall tremble before High General Han, for they shall be eliminated! Mwa ha ha!

(Credits roll, with the word Comrade before each name.)

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