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edit Episode 73: Escape From Gitmo

(Guantanamo Bay. Emmzed, Han, and Engelsfair are locked up, seperated from everyone else.)

Emmzed: How are we going to escape?

Engelsfair: We could use COMMUNISM!

(Han smacks Engelsfair. Suddenly, a clipper smashes through the wall.)

Corsaire: I'm here to rescue you, and to annex this prison for the French monarchy!

(Everyone gets on the clipper, which sails through land until it gets to the ocean.)

Flandos: We shall traverse these waters until we find what we are looking for. Err, what dost thou be looking for, anyway?

(Cut to the ruins of the Pentagon. Dizberg, Adam, Froggy, and Benson are trying to grab a ride.)

Froggy: Ribbit.

Adam: That's understating things.

Adam: Military copter. Over there.

(They all get on a military copter)

(Meanwhile deep in the Yukon...Robert Charles Murphy works his Basil magic on Alka'anad)

Murphy: You are restored, my child. Find Blaning. Send him away, where he can pester nobody.

(Alka'anad does not respond. He understands. His eyes are without pupils. He is completely under the control of Murphy.)

Murphy: You help him, Mr. Nye.

(Molly Tov Nye walks into the scene under the same condition.)


(They vanish with the snows of the Yukon, teleporting to the Oval Office.)

Blaning: Sock!

(Alka'anad zaps the sock, sending Blaning away for 10 episodes. Murphy's control over the two is released, and their bodies as a byproduct are sent to the rubble of the Baron's mansion, where the group hopes to traverse to next. Back to the copter, which has just picked up the clipper.)

Han: The clipper is a bit...too heavy.

Adam: Drop the clipper!

(Too late. The copter sinks into the water it falls in. The clipper, with everyone on it, floats out.)

Priest: God says Han should pilot next time, Adam.

(Back to Murphy's lab. Bill Nye has entered.)

Bill: I believe my son Molly was in here just a bit ago.

Murphy: Ah yes, I brainwashed them.

Bill: Damn you!

(Bill blasts Murphy with a Science Cannon, and teleports to the Oval Office, where he sees the sock Blaning is bound in.)

Bill: I must reverse Murphy's evil!

(Bill lowers the amount of time Blaning is bound in the sock to just 3 episodes)

Bill: The power...too strong...I can't...

(Bill Nye faints)

(Camera changes to the Baron mansion, where the group is now at. They see the bodies of Molly Tov Nye and Alka'anad in the rubble.)

Supwealuhop: Murphy...

Han: Who?

Supwealuhop: We used to go to high school together. The bastard was so evil he invested himself into basil magic. He also beat me in a drinking contest during the graduation party, but that's besides the point. He's the only man who could have done this.

Emmzed: What's so evil about basil?

Supwealuhop: It can create evil undead and brainwash people.

Emmzed: That is evil.

(Bill Nye comes)

Bill: My son...dead...what did that bastard Murphy do!?!

Supwealuhop: It's Robert and his damned basil magic. I will try my best to reverse the effects with my knowledge in curry powder, but it's no guarantee.

Bill: Everyone knows magic doesn't exist! Only science does.

Engelsfair: Bill, that's just not true. Everyone knows science doesn't exist. Only communism does!

Bill: No.

(Engelsfair is slapped a lot)

Han: Both science and magic exist.

Dizberg: Magic comes from one major source: Ouroboros.


Engelsfair: Magic comes from Communism.

Indy: Magic comes from CONTENTS!

Han: It comes from grues.

Dizberg: Ouroboros!

(Argument ensues)

Han: You can prove magic exists by uttering Fotima Sinon (rock goes up).

(Bill proves magic exists)

Bill: I must get vengance! Will you help me?

Dizberg: We need to find the Baron's ring in the rubble first. It is the key to...

Engelsfair: COMMUNISM!

Dizberg: No, stopping the zombies.

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