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edit Episode 72:Uh oh...

(This episode begins in the Pentagon. It is now rubble. The missile has crashed into it, and bodies are everywhere. Starnes, Robert, and Shamus are in comas. Blaning is dead, then suddenly comes back to life. )

Engelsfair: Blaning. I should have known. YAY COMMIES!

Blaning: Why is that general painted with hammers and sickles?

Engelsfair: We had a COMMUNIST party!!

Blaning: That is a stupid pun.

Han: Tell me about it.

Blaning: I will with a gun.

Han: No, you will not.

(Han shoots Blaning, who comes back to life)

Adam: No fair, why do you get to come back to life?

Blaning: I have found my inner sockpuppet.

(Change scenes. George Bush is addressing the American people on television about the incident.)

Bush: We have idemtifid three suspects: Commies (Shows Engelsfair), a serial killer (Shows Blaning), and a burglar (Shows Starnes). A communist missile destroyed the Pentecost in the end. Plus, attached to it was a French flag as well as a hammer and sickle. Therefore, the Commies and French must be working together, keeping us from putting food on our families.

(Bush's cell phone rings.)

Bush: What?! This better be good!

Aquarii: (on the phone) There is an assassin in your office! Get out of there, NOW!

(Blaning shoots Bush, and destroys his microphone)

Aquarii: Hmm, shouldn't have called in for that pizza first...

Bush: We have reached a nationa...nationa...federal state of demergency.

Presidential Aide: Mr. President, you're starting to limp over, please ignore the gun shot wound and speak in proper Bushisms.

Bush: I am the Decider. I will put food on our families.

Presidential Aide: Ah screw this, I'm going to go work for the FBI.

Bush: We need to stop theses treeorists. Now.

(Blaning shoots Aide, killing him.)

SS Agent: Hold on sir.

(The Secret Service Agent takes out a magnet and removes the bullet from his head)

Bush: Thank you Jimmy.

SS Agent: My name is Derek, sir.

Bush: Whatever.

(Blaning shoots Derek, killing him)

(Emmzed bursts through the door with an axe, Han and Engelsfair following him, followed by the rest of the heroes.)

Emmzed: Blaning. Blaning. You shouldn't have done this.

Bush: Aaa! Communists! Three communists!

Han: Three communists? I only see two.

Bush: But you are a commie! You are wearing hammers and sickles!

Han: Have you heard of Insane Commies?

Engelsfair: Hey, have you heard of this great idea called Communism? It is amazing. <Hands pamphlet to Bush>

Han: See?


(Han screams)

Bush: Just kidding!

(Bush presses a button underneath his desk, and dozens of guards appear.)

Bush: Take them to Gitmo!

Guards: Yessir.

(The guards escort Han, Engelsfair, and Emmzed to a plane that takes them to Guantanamo Bay as everyone else watches in horror. Credits roll.)

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