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edit Episode 65:Marble Pieces

(This episode starts out on the second floor of Von Dizberg's mansion. Two statues are lying broken on the floor.)

Dizberg: My statues!

Adam: The Inner Circle statue of me! The statue of Ouroboros!

Han, Benson, and Indy: WHO CARES!

Engelsfair: Communists do!

(Thomas Starnes peeks out from another room. Engelsfair rishes up to him with Communist pamphlets in hand.)

Engelsfair: Have you heard of COMMUNISM? It's this great concept, and-

(Starnes punches out Engelsfair.)

Starnes: Man, that guy is annoying.

Han: I know.

Emmzed: Oh Canada...say, I know you! You're that famous cat burglar!

Dizberg: Thief!

Starnes: So?

Dizberg: We could use someone with your skills.

(Engelsfair dances, singing "Communism!")

Starnes: No. You have seen me, but I will get away!

(Starnes jumps out of a window, and lands on a flying clipper.)

Rene: This oxygen is hereby annexed to the French Monarchy!

Priest: Ok, that is it.


(Thugs suddenly capture Nikita and take her to Molly's base, the group follows)

Nikita: I wonder who sent those thugs on me...

Molly Tov Night: IT WAS I!!!! (Laughs evily)

(Camera moves in on his position. Shamus removes his shoestring, sneaks up behind molly tov and starts to choke him)

Shamus: Who sent ya lass?

Engelsfair: Communism did!

(Everyone but Ronalds punches Engelsfair.)

Molly: I'M A GUY DAMMIT! I hate my name!

Shamus: That still doesn't answer me question. Who sent ya lass?

Molly: It was Alka'anad!

Shamus: Where is he?

Molly: He...hes...hiding in the...complex.

Shamus: Whar exactly is this complex?

Molly:' In...the mountains...of Canada...right on the Alaskan border...but...I've got a gun...and I'm not us it...

Han: So? It will not help you survive this. Adam and Froggy, attack!

(Adam shoots his QVFD gun and Froggy shoots a poison dart, badly injuring Molly)

Froggy: Ribbit.

Shandion and Moonshine: Victory!

(Everyone gets into a plane, which they steal from Molly)

Adam: I will pilot, Han.

Han: Ok, ok.


(An hour later)

Adam: We are under attack by Communism!

(The plane is being hit with hammers and sickles)

Engelsfair: Communism Communism Communist Commies!

Han: Shut up.

Sensai: I have a revelation to make. Molly is my ex-boyfriend.

(Everyone gasps.)

Supwealuhop: But this is irrelevant right now! We are being attacked by communism! Help me sprinkle curry into the gas tank so we can escape!

Engelsfair: Is it communist curry?

Supwealuhop: Why not.

Engelsfair: All right!

(Engelsfair and Supealuhop sprinkle curry into the gas tank. The plane rockets off with the power of communism.)


(Froggy falls out of the plane.)

Han: Froggy!!!!

Everybody: NOOOOOO!

Han: We have to save Froggy!

Supwealuhop: We are going too fast to stop safely!

Froggy: Ribbit!!!

(Credits roll)

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