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edit Episode #62: Under Arrest

(This episode starts in the police car.)

Han: <whispering> Adam, you got one of those mini-QVFD guns?

Adam: <whispering> Yes.

Nikita: <whispering> Fire at will.

(Adam pulls a gun out of his underwear and shoots Brad, who is knocked out.)

Adam: QVFD!

(The group gets out of the car)

Braycat: I can't belive they fit us all in two Wheeled Horses.

Adam: Cars.


Han: She is in the other squad car.

Dizberg: Get the others out of the other car.

(Shadowy figure walks towards the police car.)

Shadowy Figure: If a tree fell in the middle of the forest with no one there...would it make a sound?

Engelsfair: Who are you!?! Are you communist?

Shadowy Figure: I am Officer Ronalds, and yes, I am a communist corrupt officer.

Engelsfair: FINALLY! A communist!

Ronalds: Yes and I am here on a secret communist mission, a mission of love, hate, confusion...a mission of...of...killing the Grueslayer!

Han: Oh great.

Adam: Woo! My advertising works!

(Adam rescues the people in car #2 with a QVFD gun)

Ronalds: So...where's that Grueslayer if you don't mind me asking?

Adam: I believe he should now be, lets see, in that tree behind you.

Engelsfair: Lets have a party! A communist party!

(Han knocks Engelsfair out, who quickly recovers)

Engelsfair: PARTY!

Ronalds: Yeah! Communist Party!

Han: God, that pun is terrible!

(Ronalds mutilates the tree behind him.)"

Ronalds: Honestly I don't have time for these games, you either tell me now, or I'm going to cry.

Adam: Look, the Grueslayer is hunting down Han the Grue Lover, so you may as well stick with us, and the Grueslayer will show up.

Emmzeed: We need to get some Curry Powder for Benson!

Dizberg: Bah I don't care, Ouroboros is much bett-

(Dizberg is attacked by Keira)

Adam: I have curry powder. Here, take it, Sup. Plus, we do need Benson.

Ronalds: Who the hell is Benson? IS HE THE GRUESLAYER?? I bet he is!

(Ronalds gets onto his scooter)

Engelsfair: He isn't. The Grueslayer...

(Engelsfair is stabbed by the Grueslayer)

Ronalds: Die, Grueslayer!

Han: Oh great.

Grueslayer: Officer Ronalds, prepare to die.

Han: Grues, attack the Grueslayer!

Grueslayer: I'm the Grueslayer! I slay grues!

(The Grueslayer tries to attack, but trips and falls. Emmzed trips and his axe falls into Officer Ronalds, badly injuring him.)

Engelsfair: YOU FIEND!

Grueslayer: Oh, come on! I got ripped off!

(Engelsfair kills the Grueslayer.)

(Dr. Supwealuhop heals Ronalds with a bit of curry powder)

Supwealuhop: We must save Benson. In a matter of a minute, Benson will be dead if we don't save him.

(Crash is heard from Benson's room in the hospital. Credits roll)

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