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edit Episode 59:The Biggest Cliffhanger

(This episode starts on a plane. The Alliance is on that plane.)

Han: I'll pilot, since I have the pilot's licence. Now, lets get that ring!

Emmzed: I don't know...your track record with planes sucks.

Han: All because this certain French Clipper keeps smshing into it!

Corsaire: I only did that once!

Han: Twice. And how are you on here?

Corsaire: I'm here to annex this plane for France!

(Emmzed pushes a button, opening the airlock. Corsaire is sucked out.)

Corsaire: I'll be baaaaaaaaack!

Han: Finally. Hey look, what's that?

Engelsfair: Is it...COMMUNISM?

(Han smacks Engelsfair, who is knocked out. The plane suddenly jolts.)


(They look out to see the Soviet air force on their tail, shooting.)

Engelsfair: I told you it was communism.

Dizberg: It's the year 2007. There aren't any more Soviets!

Engelsfair: Everyone knows that the Soviet Union had time warp technology!

Dizberg: Actually, nobody knows that.

(Supwealuhop throws curry powder out the backside of the airplane. The soviet MiGs start to explode.)

Engelsfair: NO!

Han: How-

Supwealuhop: As I said it's an ancient Hindu secret!

Adam: I found a box of donuts!

(Adam and Dizberg eat the "donuts")

Han: I think those are lugnuts.

Emmzeed: Actually, i think it's a bomb.

Molly Tov Nye: Muahahahaha! Fear the wrath of Molly Tov Nye, the best damn terrorist ever!

Zatoichi: "Molly?" Your name is "Molly"?

(Everyone laughs.)

Han: Who the fuck are you anyway?

(Bomb is thrown of of plane, Dizberg and Adam throw up over the side)

Keira and Braycat: What is this "Bomb?"

Emmzeed: A "bomb" is something that explodes unexpectedly.

Braycat: What is "explodes?"

Molly Tov Nye: Never mind that now! Right now you are my hostages! Get in a corner!

(Everyone gets in a corner, smirking, except for Shamus, who is behind the Molly Tov Nye. He takes his shoe string out of his shoe and starts to try and strangle him)

Shamus: Ya think yar one clever man, lass? Well, ya never dealt with the Irish Mafia!

Molly Tov Nye: (Choking) I'm...not...a...lass!

(Molly Tov Nye punches Shamus and he falls down)

Shamus: Right in the ol' Emralds! What kind of man ar ye?

Molly Tov Nye: One that doesn't play by the rules.

(Han activates the cargo bay doors and Molly Tov Nye slips out)

Molly Tov Nye: Don't think this is the last of meeeeeeee!

(The cargo bays also suck out Han's car, which flies into Corsaire's clipper, which was about to run into the plane.)

Corsaire: My clipper!

Emmzed: Take THAT!

(Suddenly, the plane dives. Emmzed and Han rush to the controls.)

Han: Oh no! We're out of fuel - and heading straight for Text Adventure land!

(Everyone gasps.)

Emmzed: Actually, we're plummeting to Hawaii.


Engelsfair: A COMMUNIST luau?

(Han slaps Engelsfair unconscious.)

Emmzed: Everyone brace for impact!

(Cue dramatic score. Plane is diving at high speeds. Cut to shot of a peaceful village. Cut again to a shot of the plane plummeting. The plane smashes right into the middle of the village. Natives go flying everywhere. The plane catches fire, and is about to explode. Credits roll, and at end of credits, a loud explosion is heard.)

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