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edit Episode 110: One small step for man...

(The episode starts with the group stranded on a planet, near the wreckage of their ship)

Trousers: Ooh, scrap metal!!!

Adam: Wow, the ship blew up without us crashing it!

Borgat: Ooh, a string!!! Neato!!!

Han: Hinoa, how old is Trousers?

Hinoa: 17 years old.

(Communist Landers well, land on the planet.)

Cerid: Alright everyone. As soon as I open that door, the air will come out. Put on those Astro Suits.

Adam: Are there enough?

Braycat: Hopefully.

Han: I have a few extras, if we need some.

(They go onto the planet and find a small cube which has seemingly crash landed there.)

Adam: I wonder what this is...

C: Not what, but who!

Adam: Explain!

C: That's doppleganger. Let me show you!

Nikita: NO!

(C expands the cube using his omnipotent powers and restores Doppleganger)

Doppleganger: Hahahah-

(Voyager 1 crash lands and hits Doppleganger)

Doppleganger: OW! My name is Blaning, anyway!!!

Han: Oh no.

Trousers: Bye bye, Blaning. <throws Blaning a few thousand miles away>

Cerid: Proofreader's log. We have crash landed onto this strange planet... it is red dust and-

Han: WE'RE ON MARS!!!!!

Adam: By my calculations, no. We are in a different solar system.

Nikita: Uhhh... <points to Earth>

Han: That's your forehead.

Adam: Voyager 1 crashing into Blaning was a dead givaway. We are not on MARS, guys. We are in...a duplicate solar system. Odd.

(Little green men attack the group)

Cerid: Don't worry, they're all hallucinati- <is shot by a martian ray> OW! that hurt!

Martian: (Gibberish)

Adam: R-r-r-real martians?

Han: Impossible!

Shamus: I remember that bastard from the circus operation I was in. He fucking owes me money after that incident with the popcorn machine.

(Shamus beats down and kills the Martian)

Trousers: Ooh, aliens!!! <has sex with another Martian>

Adam: Er, this, er, is, er, unusual.

James T.: I. Am. Used. To. Alien. Attacks.

Borgat: Doctor of Trousers! Stop having sexy time with alien! You have of no idea where it is of been.

Hinoa: Well, unfortunately he's just about as dense as a black hole of sheer stupidity, sort of like you.

(Communist walkers are released from the landers)

Han: We have a problem...Cerid, how fast do you think your men can work on the ship to get it repaired so we can get the hell off this planet?

Cerid: Not fast enough...

(Trousers pees on the walkers, destroying some of them)


Hinoa: I've got an idea...

(Hinoa takes out a scalpel and takes trousers into a full nelson and cuts his head open.)

Trousers: That wasn't very nice!

(He aims his open head at the remaining walkers. A gravitational force starts to suck the walkers into Trouser's head.)

Trousers: That tickles!

Hinoa: What'd I tell ya? He's a black hole of sheer stupidity! Not even light can escape his gravitational force!


(Hinoa stitches Trousers' head closed, Trousers' loses his trousers)

Trousers: AAA!! I have zero trousers...ooh, a string!!!

Hinoa: You are one very dim light bulb, kid.

Trousers: What's a light bulb?

Braycat: At least I don't have to ask these questions anymore...

Cerid: Well, we're still stranded here.

Adam: C, you're an omnipotent being, why don't you fix the ship.

C: No.

(Adam kicks C in the shin. C falls to the ground)

C: Bastard!

(A martian mech comes into view)

Adam: Oh damnit!

(It rains laser fire)

Braycat: Take cover!

Nikita: Watch its fire!

(Trousers ties the mech up with string, destroying it)

Trousers: Ooh, big mech thingy went boom!

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