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The Baron: Has anyone notice we've lost the Stranger for 3 WHOLE DAMN EPISODES?

Emmzee: No. (Explodes)

Keira: Gnaw (Explodes)

The Baron: The sixth wall! Only one wall left. Gladly, 6 has security.

(Sixth wall, Area 51, Nevada. The security has been breached. Hard)

The Stranger: Soon my plan will be executed and the whole world will come to my command before the destruction of the seventh wall. Good thing I told the press that I am a suicide terrorist.

The Baron: Stop right there, evil doer!

The Stranger: You have found out of my plan!!

The Baron: Yeah.

The Stranger: Luckily you cannot stop me!!

The Baron: Look how I will (Yet another ALIENWAAHER cell phone appearance.) Calling *** (Number of SWAT team censored for television.)

SWAT Officer L. Hi, I heard you-

The Stranger: (Shoots SOL with an AK-47.) Got anything else?

The Baron: Err... No.

The Stranger: Now I can stop you!! (Shoots The Baron. He can't really turn into a zombie either. In fact, HE'S A HOLLLOGRRAAMMM) You set me up!!

The Holo-Baron: Bring it on!

The Stranger: No, I will not! I disagree- (Gets punched by The Holo-Baron. Or does he? HE'S A HOLLLOOOGGRRAMM TOOOO!!!11)

The REAL Baron: Let's get this over with

The Holo-Stranger: Crap...

The Baron: (Walks through The Holo-Stranger. And the holo-Area 51 gate. And the seriously sucky holo-door that leads to the sixth and seventh wall. And the holo-Sixth wall. And the seventh.) Good god! What is this place, a mirage??!

The REAL Stranger: Hah! Now it's time for a true fight!

Zaitochi: ATTACK TIME!! (Attacks The Stranger, but implodes.)

The Stranger: Apparently my destruction work with the walls DID pay OFF for REal.

The Baron: Now it's your turn to reveal yourself.

The Stranger: Weren't I supposed to reveal myself once we are the only two survivers?

The Baron: Not excactly. (Makes a cool Run-Through-Holo-Wall event.)

(Jericho, Kansas)

The Baron: So this is all that's left of Nikita's home, huh?

Uncyclop: Cheer up, at least you killed the Stranger. Who was he/she?

The Baron: I didn't kill him yet.

Uncyclop: Oh really?

The Baron: No, I had to run away. Flee. Like a coward.

Uncyclop: I remember once, when I was little. (Flashback)

Uncyclop: Plop Plop!

Random Bully Starnestommy: Pom Pom! (Smashes Uncyclop to pieces)

(Flashback unabled. Your free trial is over. 4 words have been said. Purchase Adobe Flashback tonite!)

Uncyclop: Um... Say what?

The Baron: Was it Starnes?

Uncyclop: It was a strange and horny day.

The Baron: Interesting. Tell me more.

Uncyclop: Hell no! (Smashes his own face to pieces.)

The Baron: The radiation must of really got you there.

Uncyclop: Guugly Muugly Shumpantangy! Loolio-

The Baron: (Punches Uncyclop)

(Back at area 51)

The Stranger: He got away again! Aww, this show is bulls-

(Credits roll)

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