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(Prequel Episodes)

edit Characters

  • "Han Sabre 22 years old. He was a Engineer working with his sister, Sacktime. He's always been in the military as a engineer and mechanic, but wishes he is never sent out.
  • Lena "Sacktime" Sabre An engineer with Han, 16 years old, his sister. She's rather shy, but she's smart. Curious, and is used to getting things her way.

edit Episode 1: Burning Steel

(Screen pans over a ruined urban archipelago. Buildings in ruins, everything destroyed. Stange beings walk the streets, good and bad. The survivors fight a battle for their lives in a war that never ends.)

Han: God, why did this have to happen to US.

(He walks down the streets of Blackport, a M16 rifle in hand.)

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