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“In the eyes of a Soldier, The unsuspectin' stranger Had better know the truth of wrong from right, 'Cause the eyes of a Soldier are upon you, Any wrong you do he's gonna see, When you're on Uncy look behind you,

'Cause that's where the Soldier's gonna be”
~ Walker, Texas Ranger on Grue Army

Have no clue about what to do for the Grue Army? Can't tell a vandal from a Popsicle? You better read this, soldier. Now DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY!

edit Chapter 1: What is the Grue Army?

(A hologram of Meganew, leader of the Grue Army, pops up)

The Grue Army is a group trying to-

n00b Can I be a High General now? Please?

Meganew: No. After you read this packet, you'll be on your way to becoming one, though.

-help Uncyclopedia in every way possible, being the normal user defense to stop the vandals from having all our base. We revert vandalism and blankings, revert the vandals, and report them to ban patrol. We QVFD, VFD, and ICU all the crap we find. We help users with their problems. We guard users from flamewars. Why? Because we love this place.

n00b: Now can I be a General?


Anyway, do this so everyone else doesn't have to. We are the sysop's policemen, they are GIGN Officers (Some French anti-terrorism group, if you don't know.). We do this without pay because we love this place. We are here to Protect and Serve this beloved wiki.

edit Chapter 2: Joining the Grue Army

Now you know what the Grue Army is about. Now, if you think this is a good thing to put your time into, you should think abou-

n00b: KEWL!!!!!1!! I WANT TO JOIN!!!1!1!!!!!!!

Meganew: Do that one more time, and I swear to God I will shoot you in the head with this Desert Eagle...

n00b: OK... uh.. sir.

-about joining. Joining the Grue Army is simple. easy. and quick. Just leave a message at the current recruitment station. Please do not create a new header for your request, just post a message under the first header. Whatever you do, do NOT leave a message on the old leader's talk.

n00b: KOOL!!!!!!!

(n00b leaves a message on High Gen. Grue's talk)

Meganew: What the hell?

(Meganew fires his Desert Eagle at n00b, but misses. n00b cowers in fear.)

After leaving a request, your request will be seen in a few minutes. You will either be placed as a Soldier on the rank list. Or be put on the Waiting lis-


No, I'm just pulling your leg. We haven't had a waiting list in over 3 years, and we damn sure aren't going to have one now. That brings us onto...

edit Chapter 2, sub-section 1:Purging and You.

...The topic of Purging. If a user is very inactive with no edits in a month or two, they are taken out from the Grue Army, though if the purged user comes back and wishes to re-join, they can leave me a message on my talk page.

n00b: But I don't edit for months! I don't want to be purged! the Grue Army is stupi-

Meganew: Oh, that's it...

(Meganew says something in his radio, and Magic Man bursts in, firing at the n00b with his chaingun)

n00b: AHHHHHH-

Blood Spatter

Meganew: Hey <insert name here>, take this.

(Meganew hands <insert name here> the packet)

edit Chapter 3: Grue Army Base of Ops

The Grue Army Base of Operations, known as the Base of Ops, UnGibraltar, The Main Base, or simply The Base, is where the Grue Army is run. It is also where you can ask any of our active members for help. And, that's basically it. You can find it here.

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