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“Man I sure wish I was as cool as Heyrizzle, he is just so damn epic”
~ Jesus on Me
Marree man greyscale outline This user is a Marree Man. Drongos just became an endangered species.

edit About Heyrizzle

Heyrizzle is the secret lord of the universe. It's a secret because I have yet to tell the world that they in fact are born, pay taxes and die merely becuase I find their misery amusing. Just because I am the lord and master of the universe doesn't mean that there is no god. He is my secretary. I was born and rasied in the thriving metropolis of Darwin in Northern Territory about four months prior to the big bang. I am currently the Vice-captain of the Australian Noggin Ball team. The Same team that won the IWSONB (International World Series Of Noggin Ball). Although I am new to this whole Uncyclopedia thing I am the lord and master of this dimension so I must be good at it.

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