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For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Northern Territory.

The Northern Territory, as its name might suggest is the most Northern Territory in Australia. Native Inhabitants of the Northern Territory are known as Bogans Alcoholics Territorians. The N.T. is sparsely populated as most of it is A Shithole bushland & desert. The captital of the NT is Darwin, a small city and only non shithole in the entire region. Despite it's minimal importance to Australia as a whole the NT holds a few prestigious Australian records such as:

  • Highest alcohol consumption per capita in Australia
  • Highest beer consumption per capita in Australia
  • Most road deaths per 100000 people in Australia
  • Highest Iced Coffee consumption per capita in Australia

edit Territorians

Territorians are a unique breed of Australian as they are pissed almost 24 hours a day. The massive alcohol consumption can be attributed to the fact that there is very little to do in the N.T. as it is so F@#%ing hot all the time. The most common occupation in the Northern Territory is Dole bludger. As it is too hot to work it is easier to sit on your arse all day and only move to collect your fortnightly centrelink payment that will keep you pissed for the next two weeks. Commonly forgotten by the rest of Austrlailia, many Territorians spend their time harbouring nasty feeling towards the rest of Australia .Territorians vary from New South Welshmen as they aren't poofy nancy boys and Tasmanians as they are not incestrous cousin-fuckers.

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