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Binky Fairy Goes Berserk

In unprecedented fashion, binkies were removed from babies instead of children who had outgrown them last night when the Binky Fairy went berserk, all over the world. Parents were awakened and so were neighbors by screaming infants whose binkies had been ripped from their mouths. Older children woke up snorting and choking when they suddenly had to breathe through their noses, many of which were clogged.

"This is worse than the time the Easter Bunny ran out of chocolate and substituted it with Circus Peanuts," said Bucky Palate of Winter Springs, Ga.

A spokesperson for the La Leche League International in Finland, Iso Tepels, said in an interview under her balcony , "We warned you people about the dangers of binkies and now maybe the world will see. Vive les seins!"

Parent help centers' phones around the world were lit up by frustrated, sleep-deprived parents, especially from areas without 24 hour shopping available.

Representatives of the Binky Fairy stated today that she was out of reach and unavailable for comment at this time, but would be issuing a statement on the fiasco tomorrow.


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