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This guy supports [[Luton Town Football Club|Luton Town]]|
[[Luton Town Football Club|Luton Town]] are the greatest team in the world. Therefore this user is the greatest user in the world. He shall now be inducted into the [[Elysian Fields]] and win the [[Nobel Prize]] in [[Chemistry]].
[[Image:2170dccbb13b46b3743c429898c340ff.gif|right|thumb|200px|How he got his girls]]
'''herts_hatter''' aka '''John O'Cahan''' was created in the void between reality and the kingdom of dreams in [[1337]]. He spent his time playing [[music]], going down the [[pub]], watching '''[[Luton Town Football Club|Luton Town]]''', and making odd comments and jokes. He suffered from several diseases, including [[Lynx]], [[Canada]] and [[Death]]. The results can be seen in his bizarre fantasies he created in [[Uncyclopedia]].
[[Image:JjU27170.jpg|left|thumb|250px|A rather accurate representation of John]]
He left this world the same way he entered it: a fridge fell on his head. To this day, no-one knows quite how, but we will still all miss him dreadfully. <br>
{{Q|They say the fridge never worked quite so well afterwards.|Oscar Wilde|John}}
{{Q|It was a great loss for the Co-op, he was so good at shelf stacking.|Some Co-op Drone|John}}
{{Q|We regret to inform you that you are now dead. Please mind the gap.|The Thameslink Tannoy|John's death}}
==John's articles==
*'''[[Greys Athletic F.C.]]''' ^
*'''[[Oxbow Lake]]'''
*'''[[UnNews:Greys Athletic finally clinch Premiership Title]]'''
*'''[[Luton Town Football Club]]''' ^
*'''[[Luton]]''' - Some
*'''[[FA Premier League]]''' - Added League Table
^ = cowritten with [[User:penguinofdeath|penguinofdeath]]

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