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Trophy Room
Elephant Head

Trophies: I would not feel at home without stylish decoration

As they say in Türbïngën, to the hell with the Nobel, I got awards!

edit December, 1st, 2006

edit December, 5th, 2006

Ice-Cream Braydie has awarded you some ice cream!
For voting for HowTo:Make a Band

edit December, 13th, 2006

Sweetsprize Braydie has awarded you some sweets!
For voting for HowTo:Cheat At Scrabble

edit January, 7th, 2007

has awarded you the
Neat Order of the Closet
for voting
HowTo:Convince People You're a Heterosexual Male
Wear It With Pride!

You big homo.

edit January, 8th, 2007

edit January, 13th, 2007

edit February, 2nd, 2007

BePrepared Braydie thanks you for voting for him to be Uncyclopedian of the Month January 2007.

edit February, 3rd, 2007

Insineratehymn has awarded you a pentagram!
...for voting on HowTo:Properly Whore Your Article

Thumb TPoEMF-Pentagram
Don't worry, I'm not evil, I just do this as a publicity stunt.

edit February, 7th, 2007

Blahshoe Blahshoe offers you his protection.
Because you nominated HowTo:Spay or Neuter Your Own Pet
You Sir, are one rad dude!

edit February, 9th, 2007

edit February, 9th, 2007 (II)

edit February, 12th, 2007

Zeeky Gneomi has awarded you some hot stuff to jihad your own ride! Zeeky
For voting on Jihad My Ride.
"Never forget: Jihad is not all about war. It is about creating cool stuff and making cars look better. Yo jihad yo!!"

edit February, 21st, 2007

Tlntshow Congratulation! You are now happy owner of new proud fat kid with an Accordion from El Zoof! Tlntshow
Much felicitous appreciations for happy double nice good voting for HowTo:Stop Playing the Accordion

edit February, 23rd, 2007

FoxyBabe has awarded you with a Key Item!
For voting on HowTo:Live in an RPG.
"I found it inside a weird chest placed mysteriously in Lava Mountain. Still haven't figured out what it does, so keep it in your inventory, it may come in handy to eliminate a dancing mushroom."

edit Feburary, 24th, 2007

edit February, 29th, 2007

edit March, 1st, 2007 (I)


edit March, 1st, 2007 (III)

edit March, 8th, 2007

Radio Announcer
Xylitol thanks you for voting him to be Article Narrator of the Month.

"You have transcended the status quo of coolness."

edit March, 10th, 2007

The-golden-chainsaw Welcome to the Chaingang from El Zoof! Now go cut your head off - safely!
Thanks for voting for HowTo:Cut Your Own Head Off With a Chainsaw

edit March, 21st, 2007

edit March, 29th, 2007

Bagels Shalom!
Yum! You've received a basket of delicious fresh bagels from RabbiTechno!

מזל טוב

edit April, 25th, 2007

Ahmdinajad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

has awarded you a Nuclear missile
Now go and destroy the The Zionist Entity

This Template Will Self Destruct in Countdown seconds

~Jewriken.GIF 19:43, 25 April 2007 (UTC)

edit April, 27th, 2007

Newcookie Mr Huffy has awarded you a cookie!
Now go play in traffic.

edit May, 3rd, 2007

Haywain For voting for her article, The British Class System,
Sanns-sig has awarded you:
A print of Constable's Haywain. Now your true class will be seen by all.

edit May, 4th, 2007

edit May, 6th, 2007

Newcookie Kelpan has awarded you a cookie!
Now go play in traffic.

edit May, 6h, 2007 (II)

Newcookie Trar has awarded you a cookie!
Now go play in traffic.

edit May, 7th, 2007

edit May, 16th, 2007

Tory poster Congratulations

Thank you for voting on Evolution of an Uncyclopedia editor. You have been awarded a meaningless template which was adapted slightly from an equally meaningless one by another user! You may now feel part of the Evolver Club, even though the writer has no idea who you are and is only giving you this so you vote for his articles again.

edit May, 20th, 2007

edit May, 23rd, 2007


edit May, 23rd, 2007 (II)

PPCelebatoryPose Prettiestpretty dances for your pleasure!
For voting on Now That You Are Almost a Woman

Now go out and get in touch with your feminine side!

edit May, 24th, 2007

For voting on my Lego Assassination Image on VFP!

Sliffy thanks you!
I so totally stole this box

Now sing along: “Ebony, Ivory, living in perfect harmony!”

edit May, 25th, 2007

edit May, 25th, 2007 (II)

Newcookie User:The Thinker has awarded you a cookie!
Now go play in traffic.

edit May, 27th, 2007

Orange cow Doug Memorial Cow Award
I hereby bestoweth on thee, the Doug Memorial Cow Award
Orange Cow
Just because I felt like it.

edit May, 30th, 2007


edit June, 1st, 2007

Newcookie User:Rogpyvbc has awarded you a cookie!
Now go play in traffic.

edit June, 3rd, 2007

edit June, 10th, 2007

Kittymeal For voting for her article, TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL,
Sanns-sig has awarded you:
A Hello Kitty airplane meal. Now that's a meal from Hell.

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