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edit Group A

Team Pts W D L KD
Germany Flag 1 Germany 20461+23
Icons-flag-dk Denmark 18541+9
Icons-flag-se Sweden 17441+23
Wales Flag 1 Wales 14331+3
Icons-flag-at Austria 11422+13
Icons-flag-sm San Marino 0006-56

Note: Red means eliminated, Yellow means advances to playoffs, and Green means qualified.

6 September 2008
Icons-flag-se Sweden 2-2 Germany Flag 1 Germany Stockholm
Lindergoth (2) 0:90 Pritz, Schroder
Old foes Germany and Sweden are ready to play a qualifier. Germany had already defeated Sweden 2-0 in a "friendly" match in Dortmund. Pritz and Schroder had scored 2 early kills. Germany were leading 2-0 at half time. Just when it seemed liked Germany earned 3 points, Lindergoth put 2 poisonous hot dogs for 2 German players. The Players died from SARS in just 1 minute. Giving Sweden a 2-2 at Stockholm.
6 September 2008
Austria Icons-flag-at 11-0 Icons-flag-sm San Marino Vienna
Neo Nazi hater (10), Captian Austria 0:90
Austria easily won San Marino. No questions asked.
6 September 2008
Denmark Icons-flag-dk 0-0 Wales Flag 1 Wales Copenhagen
This game was so boring, everyone feel asleep! This has not happened since 2002. While everyone was sleeping, Dahl killed a Welsh player. But a few minutes later, the killed player came back to life. Plus, the scorekeeper was also sleeping. To this day nobody except Dahl knows what happened. So it was 0-0. According to WBA.
10 September 2008
Germany Germany Flag 1 2-1 Icons-flag-at Austria Hamburg
Gysi, Shnosudad 0:90 Aufshitting
Germany had won rivals Austria. At first Austria had a lead after Aufshitting threw a shit bomb killing 1 German+injuring another. Then quickly, Gysi and Shnosudad got 2 kills in the 2nd Half. Giving a win for Germany in the Deutsch Derby. Deutschland! Deutschland! Deutschland!
10 September 2008
Wales Wales Flag 1 1-2 Icons-flag-se Sweden Cardiff
Cotts 0:90 Caramaldansen (2)
In a boring game the Swedish side wins 2-1. Caramaldansen, scored 2 kills early before Cotts scored a kill for Wales.
10 September 2008
San Marino Icons-flag-sm 0-5 Icons-flag-dk Denmark Serravalle
11 October 2008
Germany Germany Flag 1 22-0 Icons-flag-sm San Marino Berlin
Ballack (11) God (11) 0:90
During a interesting match, Ballack had killed 11 of the San Marino lineup (all of the players). Then, God revived them and then killed them again. However, after they were revived again, ready to be killed again, the Sammarinese side said they were Christian and hated Atheism. God let them live, but let the score be 22-0.
11 October 2008
Austria Icons-flag-at 0-0 Wales Flag 1 Wales Vienna
11 October 2008
Denmark Icons-flag-dk 1-0 Icons-flag-se Sweden Copenhagen
Poulson 0:90
In a game with a boring report, rivals Denmark and Sweden were prepared to take on each other. Denmark easily took a 1-0 lead during the first half. And stayed that way.
15 October 2008
San Marino Icons-flag-sm 1-3 Wales Flag 1 Wales San Marino City
Andy Selva 0:90 Johnson, Peters, Burst
In another obvious game, Wales beat San Marino 3-1. San Marino were not in the match as they were down 3-0 at half time. Finally, Andy Selva scored the 1st kill for San Marino. But lost 3-1 to the Welsh side. Nobody cares anyways.
15 October 2008
Germany Germany Flag 1 1-1 Icons-flag-dk Denmark Berlin
Angry German Kid 0:90 Dahl
In a lifeless game, Germany tied 1-1 versus Denmark, there Scandinavian rivals. Angry German Kid shouted so hard, it annoyed a Dane to death. However, Dahl got a kill for Denmark as he used a motorcycle to get his kill. Ending the game 1-1.
15 October 2008
Sweden Icons-flag-se 1-0 Icons-flag-at Austria Stockholm
Forshella 0:90
Boring, nothing pretty much happened. That is your report.
11 February 2009
Wales Wales Flag 1 0-0 Germany Flag 1 Germany Cardiff
In a surprising match, Wales ties with Germany 0-0, they did not expect this. Germany had lots of chances, but wasted them. Wales had got a penalty, but F.Uck missed it.
11 February 2009
Sweden Icons-flag-se 3-0 Icons-flag-sm San Marino Stockholm
Forshella, Lindergoth (2) 0:90
Boring and obvious.
11 February 2009
Denmark Icons-flag-dk 2-2 Icons-flag-at Austria Copenhagen
Poulson (2) 0:90 Mozart, Doofensmirtz
A boring 2-2 draw was the outcome of this game. Poulson got a 1-0 lead for the Danish, but Mozart and Doofensmirtz soon scored. But Poulson scored again, meaning it would be 2-2.
28 March 2009
Austria Icons-flag-at 1-0 Germany Flag 1 Germany Innsbruck
Mozart 0:90
In a replay of the classic derby, Austria had won the German team 1-0. Mozart scored a critical winner for Austria. Meaning they would collect 3 points. German captain Johnny Klaus said "We are very embarrassed." Streets were filled with Drunk people as parties raged on.
28 March 2009
Sweden Icons-flag-se 2-2 Icons-flag-dk Denmark Stockholm
Forshella, Carameldansen 0:90 Santa Claws, Poulson
In another classic rivalry, Denmark and Sweden tied 2-2. Santa Claws and Poulson got 2 kills. Giving Denmark a 2-0 lead. Then Forshella scored. Making it 2-1. Finally, Carameldansen scored. Making it 2-2.
28 March 2009
Wales Wales Flag 1 1-0 Icons-flag-sm San Marino Cardiff
Ducky 0:90
Do I even need to say it!
1 April 2009
Germany Germany Flag 1 1-0 Icons-flag-se Sweden Dortmund
Johnny Klaus 0:90
Johnny Klaus scored a kill versus Sweden as the captain of Germany wins the game. It was a boring game until he scored a sniper kill.
1 April 2009
Wales Wales Flag 1 0-1 Icons-flag-dk Denmark Cardiff
0:90 Johnson
Johnson scored a kill. Im to lazy to finish this one
1 April 2009
San Marino Icons-flag-sm 0-4 Icons-flag-at Austria San Marino
0:90 Captain Austria (4)
6 June 2009
Sweden Icons-flag-se 0-0 Wales Flag 1 Wales Stockholm
In a boring game, Sweden tied with Wales.
6 June 2009
San Marino Icons-flag-sm 0-7 Germany Flag 1 Germany San Marino
0:90 A Visigoth (7)
In a brutal and bloody game, a smelly deadly Visigoth killed 7 San Marino players. San Marino had no chance.
10 June 2009
San Marino Icons-flag-sm 0-3 Icons-flag-se Sweden San Marino
0:90 Johansen, Viska, Bolkas
Sweden easily beat San Marino 3-0. Johansen got Sweden up 1-0 at half-time. Viska and Bolkas scored later in the half. Sealing a 3-0 win over San Marino.
5 September 2009
Denmark Icons-flag-dk 7-0 Icons-flag-sm San Marino Copenhagen
Dahl Tommason (7) 0:90
5 September 2009
Germany Germany Flag 1 3-2 Wales Flag 1 Wales Berlin
Ballack, Honna (2) 0:90 Cott, Earls
Report is boring!'
9 September 2009
Wales Wales Flag 1 2-1 Icons-flag-at Austria Cardiff
Jones, Corker 0:90 Shemulhaber
Nothing really. Just a ordinary game.
9 September 2009
Denmark Icons-flag-dk 2-2 Germany Flag 1 Germany Odenese
Tommason, Arahus 0:90 Potz, Haas
Denmark tied 2-2 with the Germans as the group gets harder and harder. Denmark took an early lead with Tommason using his smoke gun to smoke out Mots, a German player. Arahus was also able to score with his pea-shooter. Finally, Germany made a kill with Potz scoring. Then, Haas was able to score a equalizer. Making it 2-2.
9 September 2009
Sweden Icons-flag-se 2-0 Icons-flag-sm San Marino Solna
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Larsson 0:90
During another gory game, Sweden were able to get 3 points over minnows San Marino. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was able to open up scoring in the 2nd minute. Then, during stoppage time, Larsson got a kill for Sweden. Meaning it would be Sweden 2-0 San Marino.

edit Group B

Team Pts W D L KD
Icons-flag-es Spain 24730+8
Icons-flag-bg Bulgaria 18532+8
Icons-flag-fi Finland 18532+7
Icons-flag-lt Lithuania 8163-4
Icons-flag-al Albania 7165-7
Icons-flag-ee Estonia 6136-12

Note: Red means eliminated, Yellow means advances to playoffs, and Green means qualified.

6 September 2008
Icons-flag-lt Lithuania 1-1 Icons-flag-al Albania Kaunas
Dzeconius 0:90 Tare
Lithuania and Albania kicked off each with a point. Dzeconius killed a Albania with his stink-bomb. However Tare equalized a few minutes later with a his Shotgun. It ended up 1-1 with nobody winning.
6 September 2008
Bulgaria Icons-flag-bg 3-2 Icons-flag-fi Finland Sofia
Stonkichiv (3) 0:90 Eremenko, Hanyoup
Stonkichiv got a hat-trick just 10 minutes in the game by using his AK47. However in the second half, Eremenko and Hanyoup scored. Making it 3-2. It finished Bulgaria's way, getting 3 points.
6 September 2008
Estonia Icons-flag-ee 1-3 Icons-flag-es Spain Tallinn
Stepanov 0:90 Villa, Torres, Raul
In a good start for Spain, Villa scored early in the game. Then Torres scored again in the half. In the second half, Raul scored. Finally, the home team scored with a Stepanov grenade. Making it 3-1.
10 September 2008
Lithuania Icons-flag-lt 0-1 Icons-flag-bg Bulgaria Marijampolė
0:90 Stonshit
A boring game. The Report is boring. But Stonshit scored a goal and Finland got a good win.
10 September 2008
Albania Icons-flag-al 0-2 Icons-flag-es Spain Tirane
0:90 Puyol, Xavi
Spain got a win over Albania after a boring first half. Puyol then scored then Xavi too. Spain won the game 2-0.
10 September 2008
Finland Icons-flag-ee 2-0 Icons-flag-ee Estonia Helsinki
Johansen, Peturn 0:90
Finland got a win over Estonia at Helsinki. Johansen raped a Estonian making it 1-0. Then Peturn decided to rape a Estonian player too. Making it 2-0.
11 October 2008
Finland Icons-flag-fi 2-1 Icons-flag-al Albania Helsinki
Jakes (2) 0:90 Cano
In a boring match, Finland won Albania 2-1. Im too lazy to finish this report.
11 October 2008
Estonia Icons-flag-ee 0-0 Icons-flag-bg Bulgaria Tallinn
11 October 2008
Spain Icons-flag-es 2-1 Icons-flag-lt Lithuania Madrid
Gonzalez (2) 0:90 Dzekilus
In a game that could have been better, Spain won Lithuania 2-1. Gonzalez killed 2 Lithuanians early before Dzekilus would score.
15 October 2008
Albania Icons-flag-al 0-0 Icons-flag-bg Bulgaria Tirane
Boring! Nothing happened. It was so boring the teams decided to play cards.
15 October 2008
Estonia Icons-flag-ee 1-1 Icons-flag-lt Lithuania Tallinn
Puje 0:90 Dunikjs
In a lifeless game, Estonia tied with rivals Lithuania. Nothing really happened. Except 2 Early kills for both teams
15 October 2008
Spain Icons-flag-es 1-0 Icons-flag-fi Finland Barcelona
Villa 0:90
In a good game, Villa used his Hunting Rifle to kill one of the Finnish opponents. Then, Big Domo, the Spanish coach, was awarded a red card for pushing a Finnish player who pushed him first. The Finnish player, Peter Jenko, was also red carded for the first push.
28 March 2009
Bulgaria Icons-flag-bg 2-2 Icons-flag-es Spain Sofia
D.Berbatov (2) 0:90 Villa, Raul
In a surprising game, Bulgaria tied powerhouses Spain 2-2. Dimitar Berbatov gave Bulgaria a early lead with his smelly socks, as Bulgaria were up 2-0 by the 58th minute, Villa scored. Then Raul at the 86th minute, Raul equalized, both teams getting a point.
28 March 2009
Lithuania Icons-flag-lt 2-2 Icons-flag-fi Finland Kaunas
Funchis (2) 0:90 Naski (2)
Boring but at least some kills were scored.
28 March 2009
Estonia Icons-flag-ee 1-0 Icons-flag-al Albania Tallinn
Puri 0:90 Tame
A boring game, but I will write a report. Puri scored early in the game. The End.
1 April 2009
Albania Icons-flag-al 1-0 Icons-flag-ee Estonia Tirane
Kano 0:90
Albania got revenge for Estonia winning 1-0. The end again.
1 April 2009
Spain Icons-flag-es 2-1 Icons-flag-bg Bulgaria Madrid
Pancho (2) 0:90 Berbatov
Spain defeated Bulgaria 2-1 with a early goal by Pancho. Then Berbatov scored. Pancho once again scored. Spain 2-1 Bulgaria.
1 April 2009
Finland Icons-flag-fi 0-0 Icons-flag-lt Lithuania Helsinki
Do I even need to say it!
5 September 2009
Lithuania Icons-flag-lt 1-0 Icons-flag-ee Estonia Kaunas
Dekizlkus 0:90
In the Baltic rivalry encounter, Lithuania were able to defeat foes Estonia 1-0. It was boring to say at least, but Dekizlkus opened up scoring in the 72nd minute giving Lithuania the win.
5 September 2009
Bulgaria Icons-flag-bg 2-0 Icons-flag-al Albania Sofia
Berbatov (2) 0:90
In a good game, Bulgaria won 2-0. Im lazy right now, ok!
5 September 2009
Finland Icons-flag-fi 1-1 Icons-flag-es Spain Helsinki
Konsi 0:90 Luis Madrid
In a good game, which im feeling lazy again, It's 1-1. It was boring anyways.
9 September 2009
Bulgaria Icons-flag-bg 4-1 Icons-flag-ee Estonia Sofia
Berbatov, Popov, Petrov (2) 0:90 Poop
Bulgaria was on it's highest today as they easily danced through Estonia. Berbatov, Popov and Petrov easily got kills in 10 minutes. Finally, Poop used his hot-pocket gun to get a kill for Estonia. Anyways it ended Bulgaria's way.
9 September 2009
Albania Icons-flag-al 0-1 Icons-flag-fi Finland Tirana
0:90 Eremenko
Im lazy, all I can say is, Finland wins 1-0.
9 September 2009
Lithuania Icons-flag-lt 1-1 Icons-flag-es Spain Kaunas
Dekizlkus 0:90 Fernando Torres
In a surprise, Lithuania were able to hold on against a strong Spain. In fact, Dekilzlkus was able to draw first blood and bring Lithuania up 1-0. However, quickly, Fernando Torres scored and made it 1-1.
10 October 2009
Estonia Icons-flag-ee 0-2 Icons-flag-fi Finland Tallinn
0:90 Eremenko, Kiqrrd
In a ok game, Finland were able to defeat Estonia 2-0 with kills from Eremenko and Kiqrrd. Nothing special though except that Finland are still alive.
10 October 2009
Bulgaria Icons-flag-bg 3-0 Icons-flag-lt Lithuania Sofia
Patok (3) 0:90
I'm bored. Bulgaria wins. Nuff said.
10 October 2009
Spain Icons-flag-es 1-0 Icons-flag-al Albania Barcelona
Torres 0:90
Spain qualifies! YAY!
14 October 2009
Finland Icons-flag-fi 3-1 Icons-flag-bg Bulgaria Turku
Forsell (2), The Finnish Bird 0:90 Dimitar Berbatov
Sparks were set to fly in Turku, Finland. Finland needed to win Bulgaria by at least 4 kills if they were to get a play-off spot (Spain already got the direct spot). In just 4 seconds into the game, determined Finland already scored 2 kills. Forsell used a firecracker and exploded 2 Bulgarian players. Then The Finnish Bird used his droppings to score. At half-time, It was 3-0. However Dimitar Berbatov shot down the Finnish Bird to score for Bulgaria. However, Bulgaria never scored 2 more kills to get a equalizer. However, due to Kill Difference, Bulgaria still made it to the play-offs.
14 October 2009
Spain Icons-flag-es 3-0 Icons-flag-ee Estonia Valencia
Raul (3) 0:90
Spain defeated minnows Estonia with 3 kills. Raul got a hat-trick by using some nuclear bunny. It was obvious though.
14 October 2009
Albania Icons-flag-al 0-0 Icons-flag-lt Lithuania Tirana
This game was cancelled due to lack of interest. But both teams got 1 point. Good night!
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