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The Syracuse Orange is an abnormally sized piece of fruit, located in Syracuse, New York for media convenience. During a period of time in the middle twentieth century, it was one of the most commonly eaten pieces of fruit in the world, but it has recently fallen into disconsumption following the megalomanic efforts of Greg Robinson, an assassin believed to be hired by West Virginian government.

The Orange used to be held in the Orange Bowl in Miami, however, media members too lazy to do some actual journalism found Miami too much of a pain to go to; increasing pressure saw the US Government relocate the Orange to New York in 2000. Coincidentally, the Orange has not seen a bowl ever since the move; this uncleanliness is often stated as one of the reasons why people now refuse to eat the Orange, or drink its special Kool-Aid for that matter.

edit Beginnings

edit Popularity

edit Decline

edit The WV Plot

edit The Orange Bowl

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