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So, you've entered one of those massive motorcycle dealership conglomerate things, with the idea to buy the zaniest, most loopy, hardest bike you can find. You look through the Italian section, but you decide that they are too artsy, with too much finesse. You look at the Koreans and Chinese, but you leer at their awful build quality and obvious plagiarism issues. Finally, with a heavy heart, you step into the Japanese section. A Honda? Too bland. A Suzuki? Too technological. A Yamaha? Too bandwagony. You start to head out of the door when a lime green spped machine blinds the corner of your eye. You sit on it, and discover it's a rock. You phone your fat friend to come along, but the suspension still acts like adamantite when a fly hits it[1]. Yes, my friend, you have come across that mysterious object known as a Kawasaki.

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