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edit HeartsBlast

HeartsBlast a.k.a 'that little liberal kid' lives in a small village called Radlett ,outside of London, which is comprised mainly of jewish people with jewish cars and jewish houses as well as wearing little jewish hats and scraggly jewish rabbis that have scary jewish beards.He barely spends his time watching the Jews due to their poor taste in clothing but finds the way in which they scuttle about like little mice humorous.

edit Early Life

Heartsblast was born in Alabama. Alabama may also be referred to as the Bible Belt, Hicktown, Hillbillytown, or various other names related to inbreeding, racism, and rampant homophobia. As a child, he spent most of his time listening to his conservative parents complain about atheists and gloat about how they were the 'true christians' and how they would go to this magical place in which one has no physical body called 'Heaven'. He often spent his time contemplating the truths of the world; is there a God?, why doesnt He help me?, Why can't I have some pie?, Why do babies cry so much?, and, last but not least, why are Mom and Dad always so bitchy?!

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