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UnReal no really

UnReal Headlines

You read this from your real news source and you have to take a double-take and make sure you're not on UnNews by mistake. Also, you know its real because UnNews journalists couldn't possibly plagarize report this much crap. Hence; UnReal, no really.

Links page of the unreal, stupid, or just plain dorky real world news reports, in short the real world news agencies are competing with UnNews!!

  • New Mammal Named After Chocolate Giant -- [1]
  • New trash containers stolen -- [2]
  • Climate going crazy -- [3]
  • Food Processing Plants Represent High-Value Targets for Pest Control Marketers -- [4]
  • Fictional King Kong Mirrors Odd Island Facts -- [5]
  • Motorcycles Emit 'Disproportionately High' Amounts Of Air Pollutants -- [6] (uhem - bullshit)
  • Shredding business faces pollution fines -- [7]
  • Animal rights campaigners plead guilty to blackmail -- [8]
  • Microsoft Patch Causing Lockups, Crashes -- [9] (unbelievable)
  • This toilet additive is just a blast -- [10]
  • Out There: Toilet Eatery Bowls Diners Over -- [11]
  • Phony doctor gives free breast exams -- [12] (go git-em grandpa!)
  • Man: 0 Goat: 1 -- [13]
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