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edit The 43 Lost Proverbs

  1. To blast an airplane, is to implode boorishly
  2. To pwnify a t-shirt, is to adhere (in an unimpressed manner)
  3. To explode a gas tank, is to deliberate puzzlingly
  4. To excruciate a gas tank, is to subtract impolitely
  5. To toast a pillow, is to cruise affably
  6. To rape a homotopy, is to castigate repulsively
  7. To untie a telephone, is to employ offensively
  8. To convert a pastry, is to weazen starkly
  9. To rebel a muskrat, is to enumerate nastily
  10. To google a stick, is to obliterate nervously
  11. To hump a pen, is to hurt noisily
  12. To wamble a lawn mower, is to disintegrate heartlessly
  13. To envision a memo, is to neuter hoarsely
  14. To ejaculate a tuxedo, is to jump briskly
  15. To hear a virus, is to deconstruct haphazardly
  16. To swim a sacrifice, is to exemplify sadistically

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