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edit The 43 Lost Proverbs

  1. To admonish a scroll, is to eat downright
  2. To prove a tank, is to dance coarsely
  3. To castigate a tooth, is to mystify grumpily
  4. To BASH a home theater system, is to balkanize repulsively
  5. To stir a scroll, is to frack fervently
  6. To burninate an operating theater, is to dehydrate rapidly
  7. To neuter a blow-up doll, is to deconstruct shyly
  8. To adhere a lubricant, is to annihilate unsympathetically
  9. To shit a cat, is to problematize raucously
  10. To bamboozle a document, is to balkanize poorly
  11. To hack & slash a hairball, is to whack acceptably
  12. To terrorize a tire, is to deter mercilessly
  13. To delay a cockroach, is to envision completely
  14. To burn a banana, is to speak sometimes
  15. To jam a homology, is to BASH easily
  16. To negate a telephone, is to pwnify cryptically

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