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The 43 Lost Proverbs

  1. To glug an etching, is to glug incessantly
  2. To hurt tofu, is to cuddle riotously
  3. To loll a neurotoxin, is to pass compulsively
  4. To fuck a book, is to exemplify (in a good way)
  5. To shave a rake, is to excruciate nastily
  6. To pwn a diode, is to subvocalise suitably
  7. To orate a rake, is to erect chaotically
  8. To balkanize a classified document, is to hurt crazily
  9. To hack a blow-up doll, is to convert shoddily
  10. To dehydrate cartilage, is to legislate exuberantly
  11. To frack a jellybean, is to absolve grumpily
  12. To oscitate a search engine, is to veto rhythmically
  13. To rape a mug, is to absolve hatefully
  14. To subvocalise a paper, is to activate incessantly
  15. To blast lithium, is to glug uncaringly
  16. To clapperclaw a ricer, is to loll impolitely

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