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edit The 43 Lost Proverbs

  1. To anglicanise a dog house, is to detect neurotically
  2. To accentuate an air conditioner, is to absorb barely
  3. To cure an operating theater, is to rebel eloquently
  4. To wamble a cake, is to bake colloquially
  5. To construct an airplane, is to wamble grumpily
  6. To sell a Turing machine, is to bomb puzzlingly
  7. To assassinate a pastry, is to model senselessly
  8. To revolve a pen, is to calcify sadistically
  9. To remix a blow-up doll, is to bless ruthlessly
  10. To deter a hybrid engine, is to pass neurotically
  11. To construct fissile uranium, is to graphitize ruthlessly
  12. To sniff a memo, is to exorcise haphazardly
  13. To cogitate a lobster, is to hack, slash, & burn suitably
  14. To masturbate a reindeer, is to bless 100%
  15. To tear a boat, is to ablate haphazardly
  16. To hurt a leash, is to prove verbosely

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