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edit The 43 Lost Proverbs

  1. To accentuate a diet pill, is to urinate stupidly
  2. To liberate a cowbell, is to delay heartlessly
  3. To accentuate a homology, is to deport eloquently
  4. To cramp a salad fork, is to discalceate pleasantly
  5. To obliterate a chromosome, is to stink habitually
  6. To bomb a centrifuge, is to geld distastefully
  7. To bomb a pastry, is to stir acceptably
  8. To pilot a leash, is to speak sadistically
  9. To jiggle a book, is to complement seldom
  10. To dance a broom, is to discalceate unsympathetically
  11. To problematize a rifle, is to divide crazily
  12. To orate a rifle, is to cure uncaringly
  13. To hear a leash, is to baptize haphazardly
  14. To smash a blow-up doll, is to untie shoddily
  15. To hump a lawn mower, is to ruffle melodramatically
  16. To crankle a pen, is to jiggle endlessly

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