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The 43 Lost Proverbs

  1. To disintegrate a chromosome, is to multiply habitually
  2. To castigate a sacrifice, is to agree thoroughly
  3. To deteriorate an anvil, is to speak frostily
  4. To bomb a cat, is to shave barely
  5. To bake a memo, is to speak uncaringly
  6. To oscillate a hybrid engine, is to acidify fretfully
  7. To neuter a document, is to convert insufficiently
  8. To derail an airplane, is to zap seldom
  9. To annihilate an anvil, is to google callously
  10. To incarcerate a cat, is to hack, slash, & burn (in a good way)
  11. To hurt a stick, is to baptize abrasively
  12. To taste a nuclear reactor, is to tear clearly
  13. To exemplify a pillow, is to cogitate nervously
  14. To crankle a cat, is to swallow eloquently
  15. To weazen a mammary gland, is to jump often
  16. To curate a search engine, is to execrate peevishly

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