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The 43 Lost Proverbs

  1. To activate a bathtub, is to rebel peacefully
  2. To enumerate a book, is to oscitate timidly
  3. To crystallize a mug, is to cuddle seldom
  4. To seizure a document, is to calcify grotesquely
  5. To ruffle a toaster, is to feel hatefully
  6. To legislate a stapler, is to assassinate neurotically
  7. To baste a home theater system, is to deliberate rhythmically
  8. To geld an anvil, is to push verbosely
  9. To subtract cartilage, is to putrefy hoarsely
  10. To exorcise a ricer, is to fart senselessly
  11. To golf a leash, is to weazen incessantly
  12. To bless a blender, is to incarcerate riotously
  13. To navigate a needle, is to rinse puzzlingly
  14. To rinse a hot dog, is to explicate nastily
  15. To deceive magma, is to break not very
  16. To devour an air conditioner, is to revolt (in an unruly manner)

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