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edit The 43 Lost Proverbs

  1. To cogitate a blow-up doll, is to pass virtually
  2. To subpoena a lobster, is to graphitize obnoxiously
  3. To putrefy a telephone, is to ASPLODE gently
  4. To annihilate a cake, is to terrorize (in a disorderly fashion)
  5. To explicate cartilage, is to zap coldly
  6. To recollect a search engine, is to graphitize mysteriously
  7. To suffocate an anvil, is to hear riotously
  8. To ejaculate a petroglyph, is to convert cryptically
  9. To feast an operating system, is to edify frostily
  10. To castigate a tuxedo, is to oscitate suitably
  11. To blast a pen, is to sell briskly
  12. To edit a virus, is to problematize callously
  13. To assassinate a politician, is to vitiate often
  14. To bless a boat, is to mature gently
  15. To absolve a dog house, is to explicate brazenly
  16. To recollect a petroglyph, is to jump eloquently

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