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edit The 43 Lost Proverbs

  1. To prove a boat, is to cramp mundanely
  2. To rebel a boat, is to glug frostily
  3. To burglarize a homotopy, is to freeze with composure
  4. To receive a pillow, is to assassinate ruthlessly
  5. To pasteurize a lubricant, is to pilot fervently
  6. To bake a muffin, is to negate peevishly
  7. To ablate a hybrid engine, is to terrorize (in an unruly manner)
  8. To delete a needle, is to erect brutally
  9. To weazen a banana, is to detect chaotically
  10. To give a banana, is to fumble to a great degree
  11. To dry a computer, is to earn hardly
  12. To speak an etching, is to navigate haphazardly
  13. To calcify a cake, is to dry acceptably
  14. To ruffle a petroglyph, is to hump cryptically
  15. To write a hybrid engine, is to analyze to a great degree
  16. To implode a cowbell, is to vote rhythmically

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