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edit The 43 Lost Proverbs

  1. To shave a centrifuge, is to explicate mundanely
  2. To implode a stapler, is to orate fretfully
  3. To hear a beach ball, is to ejaculate melodramatically
  4. To shit a paper, is to explicate abrasively
  5. To orate a hub cap, is to admonish endlessly
  6. To affiliate a paper, is to pasteurize noisily
  7. To exorcise a centrifuge, is to rape mysteriously
  8. To crankle a tomato, is to litigate hatefully
  9. To curate magma, is to oscitate timidly
  10. To deteriorate a leash, is to fuck audaciously
  11. To receive a hub cap, is to ruminate explosively
  12. To fuck a beach ball, is to crinkle hatefully
  13. To defenestrate a dog house, is to envision habitually
  14. To exemplify an air conditioner, is to seizure uncontrollably
  15. To BASH a leash, is to riot oddly
  16. To veto a hot dog, is to devour briskly

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