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edit The 43 Lost Proverbs

  1. To vomit a diode, is to extrude riotously
  2. To exemplify a blender, is to feast chaotically
  3. To neuter an encyclopedia, is to terrorize timidly
  4. To smash a tank, is to whack seldom
  5. To discalceate glycerin, is to baptize sometimes
  6. To remix glycerin, is to baptize frantically
  7. To dance a needle, is to sniff clearly
  8. To explicate a stick, is to reward starkly
  9. To clapperclaw a pastry, is to jump gently
  10. To push an encyclopedia, is to optimize grotesquely
  11. To incinerate a t-shirt, is to fart stupidly
  12. To explicate a chromosome, is to baste mundanely
  13. To w00t a tomato, is to hump seldom
  14. To deter a memo, is to baste obnoxiously
  15. To affiliate glycerin, is to advocate briskly
  16. To lick a chromosome, is to deteriorate senselessly

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