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edit Hawkfan45

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“This guy totally sucks at life”
~ Hawkfan45 on himself
“That guy totally sucks at life”
~ Hawkfan45 on User:Balmung
“For once in your life, do something decent. Kill yourself. Please. Do it for the kittens you so like to huff.”
~ User:BombsAway on noting how badly this user sucks.
“Hey! Fuck you! Also stop trying to huff my kittens, you bastard!”
~ User:Balmung on User:Hawkfan45

edit What he likes

This kid totally has no life and always is playing video games or is on the computer. He really hates school (who doesn't). He has nothing really to do in Bettendorf, Iowa. Two of my friends do uncyclo User:balmung and User:BombsAway.

“We, however, don't completely suck. And we're not fat.”
~ User:BombsAway and User:Balmung on knowing this fatass.
“Yeah, and I don't sit at my computer eating six sticks of butter a minute, and jerking off to Telitubbie porn. Can't say the same for User:BombsAway though”
~ User:Balmung on things to be added to the above quote
“Hey, man, butter is damn good and 4chan can make La La and Poe seem pretty damn hot.”
~ BombsAway again on the above lie.
“Why must my "friends" make so many random quotes on my user page?”
~ user:Hawkfan45 on Random quotes on my user page.
“Because you suck, and you're totally not funny, and everyone hates you. Lake Titicaca. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”
~ user:balmung on your fat mom, titties, and poop
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