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Realms of Bore V:Skumrim
Developer(s) Bevsda
Publisher(s) Bevsda Soft Stuff
Engine None
Latest version
Release date(s) 11/11/2011
Genre Sexy Role Playing
Mode(s) Solitary Player
Rating(s) IQ: =< 65
Platform(s) Pre 1994 PC or Consoles
System requirements Screen, buttons, too much spare time.
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Realms of Bore V: Skumrim is the fifth instalment in the unpopular series of video games unsurprisingly titled: the Lands of Bore series. Set in a lazily replicated Scandinavian country, it gives game players unparalleled opportunities to explore a vast fantasy world featuring snow peaked mountains, frozen pathways, snow covered trees and large angry men; covered in snow.

The main story line follows the misadventures of lonely pubescent males as they struggle to come to terms with the reality that four days have passed since they last talked to another human being, eaten or even showered. There’s also something in the game about dragons. The open world nature of game play offers gamers the chance to wander around aimlessly for hours and hours on end, forgetting all real world responsibilities to occasionally kill something or talk to people that aren’t real.

The game and the series in general have often been criticized for the many glaring similarities shared with the Elder Scrolls series of games with much of the plot lines and graphical content from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim being blatantly lifted and transplanted into the world of Skumrim with small yet noticeable differences. In example: Skyrim features the story of a hero who is said to be “Dragon born” who has the ability to harness the powerful language of the Dragons, in Skumrim, the player is purported to be “Turnip born”. Skyrim guards speak to the player about their lives and current events, Skumrim guards hurl a constant barrage of sexually charged insults at the player.

Primarily programmed using the archaic QBASIC language, Skumrim is notable for being the only game featuring a world filled with rich 3D graphics rendered completely with ASCII characters.

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