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“Harold Stone?, ah I knew him well for all the wrong reasons ”
“Harold Stone?, He make very good likey looky from me but hair never good ”
“I always felt a strange attraction to Harold on stage. It was as if my repressed political fantasies had finally been realized at long last ”
~ George Bush Snr

edit Biography

Harold Stone

Harold Stone sadly ended up without an ounce of sense when it came to hair styles but his ability to enter Mikhail Gorbachev 'looky likey' competitions and WIN every time, was legendary

Harold Stone was released into the world at too young an age and consequently he struggled with the concept of a normal life, instead choosing to view life as an absurd event and something to pillage for all it is worth.Indeed, Harold pillaged life more than some but was never any the worse off for it.

Born in the year 1956 into a Catholic/Jewish family in the rural idyl that is Gloucestershire. Harolds up upbringing was less than traditional with the angst and guilt that Catholicism bought, combined with the overbearing mothering love that Jewishness bought. In fact Harold ended up feeling guilty about every single event that ever befell the planet earth but always felt that all could be made good again with Chicken soup and a Bagel. Harolds offer of Chicken soup and a bagel to the Russian people during the Chernobyl catastrophe sadly failed to reduce the enormity of the event nor reduce global radiation levels but he said "Well at least I tried". Sadly no one heard Harolds closing comment above the high pitched screech of the Geiger counter as they ran off into the distance.

In mid life, Harold Stone then opened a Jewish Bakery in Gloucester but closed it down after 2 years having felt guilty about making a profit explaining it was "his way, oy vay"

With the failure of the Jewish Bakery and at the recommendation of his Father (who frankly was glad to see the back of him), Harold then spent many years on the Mikhail Gorbachev 'Looky Likey' circuit, performing in bars, restaurants and at world leader summits, much to the amusement of key political figures, especially George Bush senior, who often praised Harolds cabaret 'perestroika' burlesque routine for it's subtle blend of comedy, political satire and personaly (For George Bush Snr) challenging sexual allure. Sadly, for Harold,the arrival of Vladmir Putin on the political scene spelled the end of Harolds looky likey career and Harold retreated from the word political cabaret circuit in the mid 1990's in order to pursue his life long dream of raising Llamas.

Today, Harold is living in seclusion and under an assumed identity with his 17 Llamas, but his legend lives on.

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