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Hi, and welcome to my sandpit. It's more fun than my armpit.

edit IDEAS

IRC is great for IDEAS. Here are some I made earlier - either on my own or with the manic collaboration of other deluded fools in the marsh pool of comedy.

  1. The Swedish Orienteering And Firing A Rat From A Cannon Championships
  2. Pop bombs - these are fizzy pop bottles shaken until the fizz goes everywhere. They are used by ... wait for it ... Fantanatics!
  3. Happy CIA - a book for children
  4. The Jesus Christ Conspiracy Theory (a loan nailman verses the commonly accepted crucifiction idea)
  5. The Banjo as a Force for Good
  6. List of practical jokes that were played on Jesus but kept out of the bible for PR reasons.
  7. Edvard Munch, the ice cream - always being stolen - samy guy - worried about being too happy.
  8. Twenty Four Hour Poetry People
  9. Poetic License (like an off license except for poets)
  10. How to kill two birds with one stone
  11. The Little Hillbilly Book of Calm
  12. Craters and Dinosaurs Theory
  13. Humosexual - someone who tries to use jokes to get laid.
  14. Hank the Caretaker
  15. Military Brass Band (as a fighting unit)
  16. Xerox Man
  17. Stand By Your Van (by Tammy Wynette and a bunch of builders)
  18. The Shadow of a Cow by Donchagh mcLunatik
  19. Jack "I Love Cows" McGubbins
  20. The Web log of Sysiphus
  21. The Nazis at Number 27 (A TV sit com)
  22. Old English Sheepdog
  23. Fear and Trembling annotated by Benny Hill
  24. Petty Crime
  25. Life is Unfair - Oasis album
  26. I believe I can fly analysis
  27. The sausage butty batter nugget (English Hot Dog)
  28. 001 001 was James Bond's pet guinea pig.
  29. User:Hardwick_Fundlebuggy/Gas_tungsten_arc_welding
  30. Freudian Slip - a night garment worn by men who have a vague feeling of discomfort.
  31. the Free World . (Full of advertsing - contrast with the much nicer "expensive" world).
  32. Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch
  33. "Blame it on the Coffee" by Michael Jackson
  34. Normal, Iowa
  35. The Beatles Ecological Number Ones: "From Me to Gnu", "There's a Bee" etc...

This one is not your idea. Or maybe it's your subconscious inserting into here

  1. Christian rejection of the theory of erosion (AKA "Intelligent Dirt" theory)

This one isn't either.

  1. HOWTO become an English Tennis champion

--Cheers IP.

edit List of movies featuring snakes in or on things

  1. Snakes on a Train, starring Michael Jackson
  2. Snakes on a Handglider
  3. Snakes on a barrage balloon
  4. Snakes on a roll
  5. Snakes on the brain
  6. Snakes on a crane
  7. Snakes on a tractor
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