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Autumn Leaves

Its a Proven fact that the Jews control 800% of the worlds media, the other three percent are those coward muslim news shows. What we don't know is the tightness of their grip. This is an investigation into the Jewish conspiracy and its effects on ordinary humans like you and me.

edit My Interview with Jewish Born Heathen, Lenny Weinstein

Me: So Lenny, whats the deal with the whole running the media thing?.

Lenny: My name isn't Lenny its Karen, get to the back of the fucking line!

Me: So you deny it? 'Cause I'll have you know, I'm recording this interview.

Lenny: Jeez, you got a learning disability or something? FUCK OFF!

Lets analyze that interview, First off he admits to several things, but in a cryptic hebrew code. Lets look at the first sentence:

My name isn't Lenny its Karen, get to the back of the fucking line!

This ones easy, The name "Karen" is actually an acronym for "Kyke Association Ruining Ecclesiology Now" or "K.A.R.E.N" I learned this from my years of study in Israel or "SatanLand" as they call it.

Now lets look at where he tells me to get back in line, its seems innocent enough, he would almost have you believe I was in some kind of line. In reality the word "line" is a metaphor for the jewish conspiracy so what he really meant was "stay out of our conspiracy".

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Jew-Lenny Weinstein (pictured above)

Finally the last sentence is the most damning of all. Lets take a look:

Jeez, you got a learning disability or something? FUCK OFF!

HAH! Did you see that, he said Jeez which is short for Jesus! This is a direct reference to his personal involement in the murder of Jesus Christ. Anyone who didn't believe before should seriously consider believing now.

edit Crazy or Genius?

I've been called many things in my persuit for the truth. But i've always been right and never told a lie. I have my dignity. They thought Galileo was crazy when he predicted the attempted assasination of President Reagan. Galileo was stabbed in both eyes by the jews and he eventually became a mute, but when it happened, did anyone say they were sorry? Is that hard? Just to say I'm sorry, you were right, we were wrong. That is a classic example of the jews controlling the media even in the Galileo days before Jesus. Surpressing ideas that might foil thier plans of world domination. Now for the evidence. I'll show you some pictures and we'll see how deep it goes, Please scroll slowly down the SCARY JEWISH SCROLL JOURNEY OF DOOM:

Einstein albert-1-

Albert Einstein?


Barbara Streisand?

Jeff goldblum 01-1-

Jeff Goldblum?

250px-Seinfeld s6e15-1-

Jerry Seinfeld?

180px-Wandering jew-1-

The Wandering Jew?


Max Weinberg?

Did you see anyone of interest there. I didn't. All I see are jews. Thats a conspiracy right there!! If you deny it, your a part of it!!!

edit How, When & Why

Now I will tell you their plans.

edit Why

First of all one must understand what motivates jewish people, money and bagels. Second you need undertsand the culture, they aren't like me and you. Jewish people perform a ritualistic ceremony every wednesday in which they:

  • Sacrifice Children
  • Inject large amounts of heroin
  • Worship satan
  • Invest in the stockmarket
  • Tell jokes about themselves
  • Refuse to spend any money

These are the things that control their minds. Their lives can be boiled down into three basic needs.

The WHY, is simple, to facilitate these unholy needs.

edit How

I have an indepth knowledge of their overall strategy, heres a dumbed down version:

  • Step one- seize control of media
  • Step two- use media to spread pro-semetic propaganda
  • Step three- Convince countries of the world to lay down their arms and join them
  • Step four- Destroy naysayers.
The HOW, even more simple than the WHY.

edit When

This is the most definate part of my investigation. By studying the old testament I have found a hidden secret code thats tells me exactly when its going to happen:

  • June
  • The eleventh
  • 2001
Theres the WHEN, you better believe it.IT ALREADY HAPPENED!

edit What We Are Gonna Do About It

I'll get back to you.

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