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Greetings and Salutations random user who is looking at my talk page archives for some reason.

From: User:Happytimes/Zzz/2009Q4-7of8

edit If ever...

...I do come back, you will be the one! I'll want to write the article about what is excellent humerrrr with. I did it once writing Classical Satire and would have wanted some help with it but I didn't know you then. Thanks for helping me out too! My calling people twits probably didn't do much to help my case but as I'm leaving I didn't care either. Now the point has been explained to them on a non-personal level, with an example and all - if they choose to ignore it they are just plain EVIL. -- Style Oranssiviiva Guide 11:25, December 23, 2009 (UTC)

Plain EVIL is so- plain. It's the Banana Split with extra gummi-bears and Oreo crumble on top EVIL that you really have to watch out for!!!!!
Seriously though, thank you. I appreciate you. I'd be happy to collaborate if I know the subject matter, or edit if I don't. Happytimes
You should just do what I do and avoid the whole VFH process altogether. The only voting I like to take part in is the VFD (or the random vote-for-this make-believe stuff that people put up) if only to save the salvageable from purgatory. In my opinion far too many articles get erased simply because they are "too short" even though Wikipedia is full of nubs and stubbons itself. (Yes I can see that a one joke shorty is best suited to a user's sexction, but some short articles serve their place as subtle humor or as supporting documentation/source material to other areas of the site. Sometimes you do need a straight man to provide the needed contrast to the comic's antics.) I'd like to see more long meandering articles have the crap cut out of them (like a cancer) and just have the good stuff left behind. (Maybe we could make a "kancer survivor" section template/area/project which does just this. Maybe it puts the lotion template on it's skin, say for about six months, to see if the interim improvements over time merit savior or damnation?.?.?.???) Anyway....
To me VFH is an Un-popularity contest that gives you templates only if you win or vote for an article. (No one ever gives out templates that say, "Thank-you for voting against my article- (jerk?) Your criticism about _____ has been noted." But I can tell you that I would if I ever got one of my 3-5 articles nominated, oh boy!) And those templates (to me) mostly just clutter up user & talk pages anyway (But if you or <insert name here> is giving them out then hell yeah I want one (thanks Zim), I have future plans for 'em.) Then it's like, "look at my far too long signature which proves I've contributed significantly to one area of Uncyclopedia."
There really is no reward system[1] for those who edit a lot, reverse vandalism, or do like I do: which is to do whatever the hell I feel like doing at any given moment. And to tell the truth, I don't think there should be. Yeah it would be nice to encourage people to copy-edit more here, but it would be near impossible to implement a voting system for that, and difficult to recognize active users otherwise due to differing time zones. ('Sides, I wouldn't force that kind of torture on my worst enemy if it wasn't in their forte.)
I don't worry about it though. I figure if someone is curious enough to spend time going through my (talk) pages and history & body of work then their gonna know I'm a rock-star and worship me anyway (like <insert name here> does) or not.
In conclusion:  1.) Articles WILL get featured on the front page whether I participate or not.   2.) I don't want to read extra articles unless I'm interested in the topic anyway.   3.) There are already a dedicated crew of people? who do this (for me) already.   4.) THIS SAVES ME A LOT OF TIME!   5.) And. Um. Yeah... Oh! ... I don't care.
  (I Hope this helps.)
P.S. You can't help it if people are twits. Remember, sometimes it's just your point of view as well; but often not.  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  02:32, December 24, 2009 (UTC)
I still think you are making a mountain out of a molehill. The only effective way I could see of instituting a more effective system here is to have it so that for votes are counted, and if the number of votes after the grace period of three days is less than half the highest number of votes for the last FA then axe that nomination. It means stuff that won't be featured won't just sit there and stagnate, and stuff that will will be noticed a lot faster. I have a tendency personally to abstain without comment if I'm not impressed with an article, unless I find that the article annoys me, and in that case I will vote against.
But avoiding the whole issue of the vote system, again I think this is an over reaction. I like Multi's stuff, and I like happytimes stuff. In fact I have worked with happytime on Carebears which I usually would not do. Actually, I generally tend to avoid the whole collab thing altogether as I am a prima donna about my writing. (SPIKE actually started to work on White folks which was an article I'd rewritten and then abandoned. I like what Spike has been doing but not enough to go back to the article.)
I have a tendency to ramble. The main point is that you are both appreciated, and that I give you both kudos for fantastic work even if the way the system is geared is making things more awkward for you. So you've ranted, expressed opinion, things haven't really changed, but you're turning your back on a community that you are a significant part of. If you come back later it will look like a tail between your legs. If you stay it will show that you are tough enough to take it and actually add weight to your words.
But your decision is your decision. I will be upset if you don't come back, but I respect your right to go, and I appreciate your feedback. It will not be forgotten, and as with every system change will happen. It will just take a bit more time. Pup

  1. Well, apparently there is/was some sort of a reward system in the past as seen in some of the templates here: Uncyclopedia:Templates/General

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