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U Simple English Uncyclopedia
Commercial? Schoolhouse Rock
Type of site Miami, Florida
Registration Encyclopedia Dramatica (Encyclopedia)
Available language(s) Basic English, English, English, but Softer, English-American Dictionary
Owner Uncyclomedia Foundation

The Simple English Uncyclopedia is an English edition of Wikipedia, written in primarily Basic Engrish and Special English.[1] The site's stated aim is to provide an uncyclopedia for "people with different needs, such as students, children, 'tards, and people who are trying to learn English".[2] As of May 09, 2009, the site contains over 64,000 content pages, and has more than 141,000 registered users.[3]

Other people use the Simple English Uncyclopedia because the simple language helps them to understand unfamiliar topics or complexitory ideas by using fewer words and easier grammar than the Ordinary English Uncyclopedia.

Articles are usually shorter than their English Uncyclopedia counterparts, typically presenting only basic information. The project is based on Basic English, an 850-word auxiliary "international" language created by Oscar Wilde in the 1920s.[4] Material from the Simple English Uncyclopedia forms the basis for One Encyclopedia per Child,[5] an OLPC project.[6]

edit References

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