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(That was a total lie...)
(First Week of page making:)
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*[[100 Worst Moments to get a Boner]]
*[[100 Worst Moments to get a Boner]]
*[[Weegee]] This was made by me and {{u|TheBagle}} my neighbor in real life.
*<s>[[Weegee]] This was made by me and {{u|TheBagle}} my neighbor in real life.</s> Nevermind, this has page has been soiled.
*[[Jonas Sisters]]
*[[Jonas Sisters]]
*[[100 Worst Laws]]...well this one sort of died.
*[[100 Worst Laws]]...well this one sort of died.

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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for epic?
~ Me on impersonating Ganon on what is supposed to be light but now is you on his lair on zelda on crack on koridia on a poorly made game
Scientific classification
Kingdom Interwebz
Phylum Memenaus
Class Meme
Order Awsomuaese Meme
Family Awsomeuse Faces
Genus Awesome-Face
Spartan Kick
Spartan Kick
Scientific classification
Kingdom SPARTA
Phylum Memenaus
Class Meme
Order Leonidas Kill
Family Leonidas Kick
Genus Spartan Kick
Shoop Da Whoop
Scientific classification
Kingdom Interwebz
Phylum Memenaus
Class Meme
Genus Shoop Dah Whoop

Hey there people, my real name is Ryan and i am a sexy beast super sexy beast, and i like overuse these slash thingys.

I like to make my own pages as well as edit and add on to...improve make others epicer. Epicer, that's right, it is a word...sorta.

I am also an expert on Memes, they are what makes the internet go round, and boy are there a lot of them. If you have a question on a meme, feel free to ask me, cause i know a good verity of em.

Anyways here are the pages that i have started, sorted by date...without the actual dates, I'm too lazy.

--Happymonkey39 LAZARWeegeeheadbobinDomo kun dance1 Dah Meme Master 04:46, July 10, 2010 (UTC)


WIP = Work In Progress

slashed = Cancled

edit First Week of page making:

edit Second Week:

edit Third-or-so Week:

edit ...fourth is it? Week

edit Lost-count-of-the-week....week

edit Things I've Mocked then Pissed on

Bold are in-depth.

Italic are pending in-depth.

edit Future Plans:

For all the following....DIBS! Hahaha i said it first i win!

  • Awesome Face
  • Spartan Kick
  • Shoop-Da-Whoop
  • Howto: Hide your Boner
  • ??? (no literally that's the name of it)
  • UnNews: Researchers confirm the reason the Man is screaming in "the srceam"
  • UnNews: Politicians, Doctors, Lawyers, Mayors, Gay People, Straight People, Curvy People and even Pointy People are all confused on why this title is unnecessarily long yet the article is unbelievably short.
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