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O dammit, not you again. Ugh listen man im sorry, I, i just can be seen around you anymore. So just go play in traffic or somthing. Please just leave...why? Why! What do you think! Look at yourself, on second though don't, you may give yourself a heart attack. Maybe if you took a shower every, oh i don't know, day! That stench may begin to fade. Now that face is gonna need a little plastic surgery...or a lot. I mean you need to pull a Micheal Jackson and just completely change your race face. Now for your overall social had a bad life? We'll no duh, your my freaking son i know that! You know what, let's look back at you life and see where we went wrong...other than having you...

edit Really Early

Well, i went to this bar one day really depressed about my dreams of being a "Professional air guitarist" when my friend sat on my guitar. So i went to a bar not realizing it was a gay bar...*long story* in the end it wasn't a drunken transvestite priest in denial, it was in fact the ugly fat lady that had the giant mole named Albert...Yes your mother has a mole named Albert...what do you mean coincidence, you freaking idiot! God seriously, we really should have hidden her marijuana better when she was having you...What's marijuana...Ugh, why don't you just stick your head in a blender?

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