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Add your own bat Fuck InsaNity!

WARNING: Before you begin your journey into Insanity, you might be wondering what the difference is between this and the actual Bat Fuck Insane page. Well... there isn't a difference. Enjoy!

edit Looks like this is where the sanity ends.

I'm trapped... in this room! This big, plushy rainbow coloured room with the mushrooms growing out of the ceiling, motherfucker. They're all mocking me right now. All of them. What's happening? All I feel is a slight throb. Oh shit. I look down. A PENIS! A BATS PENIS! OMmFG!

Don't put your mouse here... What the hell are you doing? I told you NOT to put your mouse there, why did you do it(I am text and have no brain, for all I know you put your mouse here on accident. I am a presumptuous bastard)? It could have been one of those DO NOT CLICK things that shows you a load of weird images of like, deformed faces and stuff, and moves around everywhere and makes popups and stuff! You idiot. It's almost as if you're asking to get a faceful of Goatse.

edit the walls have noses

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edit A Rumination on Bat Fuck Insanity

I have seen the purpled hamsters pickling down the way and it makes me hear blue things in the chocolate. Something's not right here, how come the guy above me is talking too fast? Wait, iss heee ttaallkkiinngg tttooo fffaaasssttt ooorrr aaammm III tttooo ssslllooowwwwww???!!! Damn it, it's weird in here, nothing makes any damn sense. NO! DON'T PUT THAT THERE!!!!!!!!! M foot was gonna go there, now where do I put it? Ah, I'll put it up there, it seems that in Bat Fuck Insanity the rules no longer apply, so I'll take my feet off and leave them on this toothless crocodile table floating by. HUH?! Floating?! Crocodile? Damnit, I've got out of my skull in this little place, I have a weird looking head now that I can see it..... hmmm......


HI! HIIII! HELLO!? SPEAK DAMN YOU! I can smell your envy of my pet hippo! YOU WANT ME TO DELIVER BLOODY WEASEL KICK! HUH!? DOOOO YOUUUUU!? One day, you will be dead! I will dance on top of and throw Jell-O at your grave! MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW! GRAPE NUTS! I shall gnaw upon your ankles, oh haver of gnawable ankles! I will inspire vomiting in your penguins! HEY! CHECK OUT MY ARMPITS! OH SO SPLENDID! Wait... when I press these button-thingies weirdo symbols appear on the screen... jdbkwglkjsfkjsdhg;okejfhgklj;f;ds;jkbgfljbsdfgljbwerlbjsrdg;lbjk;kbjgrfkj;bsdfg;kbjhuj! WHOOO! THIS = the LOLZORS! I SHALL TAKE OVER YOUR BATHROOM WITH MY MIGHTY TUPPAWARE ARMY! SUCK MY BELLYBUTTON! YOU will NOT sink MY Cheerio!



edit Sometimes my nipples squirt razorblades

THE PINTO BEANS! NAUGHTY NAUGHTY NAUGHTY! BEHOLD! For no matter how many times you stab, it continues to urinate on Mars! Mars Bars! Mrs. Bars! Mrs. Bras! Mrs. Bra! El Banana Republico! OH! SUCK UPON MY FORHEAD UNTIL THE SQUEEKING BEGINS!!!!! TIME FOR HULA! !!&_++_(#$*&*&#*$)@_$_(*$@*_($@()$@(*@$)(*$@()@$()*~

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