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edit Plot

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edit Characters

edit Main Characters

Ben Tennyson- The main character of the show, this is obvious unless you didn't read the title. Ben is a very unique boy who seems to have a tangerine in place of his brain. He is a major screw up who gets straight C's in school and spends all his time playing video games and sleeping. He also never seems to understand what being grown up means. He is out walking one night when a meteor falls right in front of him and contains a watch that jumps on his wrist and bestows him with the power to change into aliens. Ben has this incredible ability, but pretty much uses it for his own personal gain and for fun. Throughout the series he learns many lessons about being a grown up, but he pretty much forgets them by the end of the episode. Many people are scared due to the fact that this screw-up is in control of so much power. Come to think of it... this kinda sounds an awful lot like some president... What's his name?

Gwen Tennyson- Gwen is Ben's cousin, who is a huge fan of everything related to cats. She is actually the complete opposite of Ben, as she is smart, observant and able to fight without the use of an alien watch. In one episode that had no connection or so to the rest of the series, she actually found the Omnitrix and thus wielded its power. Gwen actually used the watch carefully and even caused world piece. Later in the series she studies magic and winds up becoming a skilled sorceress while Ben is still learning to use the watch. In Ben 10: Alien Force, she earns her black belt and becomes hot. She also is able to get Kevin 11 to give up his evil ways and... heck, why isn't the show called Gwen 10?

Max Tennyson-

edit Ben's Aliens

The aliens that Ben turns into. Ben thinks they are his own league of superheroes and gives them all names, none of which sound very heroic.


Four Arms- The alien that has four arms (duh). Yeah... Ben wasn't very creative when making this one's name. He is a large human like creature that has four arms. His power is super strength and and bashing through everything in his path. Ben actually likes using him the most because Ben's usual plan is blow everything away. Four arms is usually the wrong choice to use in most battles, but of course Ben pays no attention to this.


XLR8- A raptor that wears biker gear and roller skates. His name is actually "Accelerate", but since Ben isn't a good speller, we have the current spelling.

Ghostfreak- A creepy ghost who is excellent for stealth, as he can float through walls and turn invisible. Unfortunately, Ben only uses him to steal pie and sneak around to pull pranks. Ghostfreak gets tired of being used this way and escapes from the watch to get revenge on Ben for treating him so poorly. After he does this he gets kicked down to the villain section.

Grey Matter-

Ripjaws- The "Aquaman" of the group, his ability is breathing underwater and his weakness is air. As a result, he is the least used alien. He however is not completly useless, if you don't like his power, he has a big mouth of knives that will change your mind.




edit Additional Aliens

At one point in the show, Ben apparently gains some new aliens within the watch (thus destroying the title Ben "10").




John McCain- When Ben transforms into this alien, he gains the incredible power to run a campaign and bomb Iran. In addition to this, he also gains super will power that makes him super ressitant to numerous tortures. When Gwen wore the watch she turned into Sarah Palin and gained the incredible ability to see Russia from her house.

edit Villians

Vilgax- He is considered to be the main villain of the series. Vilgax was apparently a major galactic conquerer, although the first time he is seen he is in a container with only a portion of his body in tact (not a very good first impression). Vilgax was originally a thin and puny alien who wished to conquer the universe (so does everybody). However he was caught in an accident and damaged before he could retrieve the Omnitrix , so instead he had to play wimp and hire every thug to do his work for him. Eventually he got tired of too many failures and injected himself with ten thousand gallons of steroids, thus he was reborn as the Hulk. Despite being powerful and feared, Ben trampled him thanks to the power of 'dumb luck." Vilgax was then launched into the great beyond, and didn't return until the end of the second season. Vilgax showed up a few more times, only to be beaten again and again. He then seemingly died when Ben and his father set off alot of gas pipes and sparks, causing them all to explode and destroy Vilgax (along with their neighborhood).

Kevin 11- Not to be mistaken for Seven Eleven (that's another enemy of Ben's). Kevin was originally a punk on the streets made a living stealing arcade tokens. He has a super power that allows him to absorb electricity. Ben actually made friends with him after he stole some tokens for him, the two of them then snuck in to steal some unreleased video games. Ben pretty much helps Kevin with his crimes and doesn't realize that they are actually crimes until Kevin attempts a crime that involves death. Kevin then absorbs the power from the Omnetrix, but he discovers too late that... it's not electricity. Kevin than learns that he actually absorbed DNA and mutates into a giant, fan made, Ben 10 monster. Kevin then blames Ben and the two become enemies, constantly fighting over the course of season two. Kevin is eventually locked in a strange dimension and spends about twenty years trying to get out. He eventually escapes after twenty years and seeks revenge on Ben, only to be locked in the dimension again within twenty minutes. Kevin returns in Ben 10: Alien force, a series that takes place five years after he was first locked in the dimension. He escapes and returns to his human form, he then teams up with Gwen and Ben and becomes a good guy (thus leaving a plot hole as to why he is angry at Ben in the future).



Dr. Animo-

edit Alien Force

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