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[[Category:Childish Misogynistic Humor]] [[Category:Childish Homophobic Humor]] [[Category:Celebrities]] [[Category:Gays]] [[Category:Comics]]
[[Category:Childish Misogynistic Humor]] [[Category:Childish Homophobic Humor]] [[Category:Gays]] [[Category:Comics]]

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Another dong-filled episode.


Two minor characters discuss wanking.


Violence against women.

You may be looking for Homestar and not even know it!

~ Oscar Wilde on Homestar Runner

Homestar Runner is a featured character on the web comic Jerkcity Runner, a strip known for it's childish humor revolving around "bongs and dongs", i.e., marijuana consumption and gay sex. Homestar Runner's trademark phrase is "HUGLAGHALGHALGHAL", which denotes the sound of Homestar choking on a large dong.

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