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Admit it: we are all pathetic insects, scurrying about on the face of our planet, to be used at the whim of a powerful, all-seeing and all-knowing deity. During our short existence, assuming we are not snuffed out in some meaningless accident, there are few joys to be had. However, if you are bold enough, you too can take on the role of the Almighty and toy with the fates.

There are a number of different approaches which you can take to be deemed playing God (in that you act like an all-powerful being who controls life itself). The most obvious is to tinker with the fundamental forces of nature to create a hideous mockery of life. Alternatively, you could inadvertently call forth a fearsome maelstrom to destroy humanity as the result of your tinkering.

Most people find that a simpler way to play God is to dress up in a flowing toga, don a white beard and point your finger accusingly at sinners. Depending on where you do this, it's normally the most successful[1].

However, playing God (in the sense of engaging in a competitive recreation) is easy, fun and, with a little help from Satan, unlikely to leave you totally humiliated. It's best to play God in a game that has a high degree of random chance involved. Even God is powerless against small bits of chaos created by the shuffling of a deck or the roll of dice. Einstein famously said "God does not play dice with the Universe" because he, being a big genius and everything, knew God sucked at dice.

Ground Rules

Before you challenge God in a battle of wills, make sure you know the following rules:

  1. God always goes first.
  2. Play carries on to the left.
  3. Small blind is $100.
  4. Toilet breaks are allowed once an hour.
  5. No blasphemy.

Otherwise, the standard rules of your game apply. Oh, and bring some snacks - you'll be playing for a while.

Choice of Game

It's well known that God is better at some games than others. This is a brief guide to what you should choose:


God is about to lose His shirt on the World Poker Tour


Long regarded as a game for intellectual titans, chess is a poor choice against God (although you should give it a shot if you ever end up playing Death). In order to win, you will need to anticipate every possible move you can make, only to find that God is all-knowing and He will have already determined what you will do. It's quite a blow to the ego to move your first piece, before God says "Mate in 27 moves."


A good choice, since God prefers an ascetic life and has difficulty in understanding possessions. Remember to get all of the red set - statistically speaking, Trafalgar Square/Illinois Avenue[2] is the square most often landed on[3]


Nobody really knows how to play this, so you've got a good chance if you sound utterly convincing about what you understand the rules to be. Obviously, you'll want to contradict yourself periodically, just to maintain the aura of confusion.


A fantastic game for all the family, as well as a good choice for taking on God. The trick is to exude an air of ice-cold confidence while pulling the straws out, regardless of how many marbles fall down. This is enough to make your opponent complacent, resulting in far more balls dropping down and, hence, your victory.

Dungeons & Dragons

You'd think, after 4,000 years of practice, God would be quite good at inventing characters. However, he always goes for the Orog as His race and always chooses ninja as His character. It's so predictable and he always dies quickly. Anyway, with a good dungeon master, you'll find God has to spend time fending off Level 20 orcs until he can finally catch up with you. By that stage, his HP are so low that he'll get slaughtered by the next big boss.


Playing God at poker is a little more difficult. He knows every thought in your head, so you have to fill your mind with all kinds of crazy thoughts to keep Him from knowing what your cards are. It's very hard to keep a "poker face" with God, although ironically the same goes for Him. He gets angry and tosses things around when He has a bad hand.

Possible Outcomes

As mentioned above, you might win against God. For this reason, you might want to consider playing for money - after all, winning infinity dollars from God will help clear a few bills (and he's always good for his debts). However, if you lose, you will discover the same is expected of you...and God can become vengeful if you try and duck what you owe.

Of course, if you do play God, He will most likely smite you. As a countermeasure against His smiting, unspecified experts recommend wearing titanium underwear, tightened with duct tape that has been treated in the Fountain of Youth. This will add +20 to your lightning defence.

Sensible Precautions

While playing God, you must make sure that you have a cheat deck because, as acknowledged by Jesus in the Bible, God will probably have one too[4]. This deck can be used to slip yourself an extra card which can, depending on the game, give you a full house, a fire Pokémon or the elusive Mr Bun the Baker.

Prayer is always a good idea. Since God is obliged to listen to the prayers of all true believers, He can be easily distracted by a plea for intervention in some imagined problem. This will give you time to sneak a look at His hand or move His piece on the board.


  1. For instance: any church (very good), Utah (good), London (bad), Iraq (very bad)
  2. Depending on whether you play the proper, British version or the American version with streets nobody has ever heard of
  3. This is actually true
  4. This is not even slightly shown in the following totally irrelevant passage from the New Testament - "Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows." (Hebrews 1:9)
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