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"We're after your children and pets."

At the moment, this is just a dumping ground for draft stuff, random meaningless boasting and ideas-that-aren't-so-funny.

edit Stuff what I have written

‎Rude Britain
‎Sunday Sport
Internal audit
Ethical hacking
No Place Like Holmes!
Status Quo - FEATURED

edit Stuff what I have largely rewritten

Edinburgh Park
Playing God/Playing God (game)
Heat Magazine

edit Stuff what I have messed around with quite a bit

Sherlock Holmes - since rewritten by MacMania, my version here.
‎University of St. Andrews

edit Stuff what I have vaguely fiddled with

Error message
Led Zeppelin
Sigmund Freud

edit Stuff what I am working on

Puppy Chess
User:Guybles/Heat Magazine

edit Stuff what I am (still) working on, after bloody ages

User:Guybles/Social Class

edit Stuff what I don't want to discuss, thank you very much

‎Windows error messages that don't exist but should

edit Piss what I have had

Portishead -- from Rogpyvbc
Playing God -- from VyvyanWilde
Status Quo -- from Raxvulpine
Heat Magazine -- from Nachlader
GoldenShower Rejoice, Guybles! You have been entitled to the
Golden Shower Award
For donating high quality material to the Pee Review.

edit Stuff what I have peed on

Madagascar (film) - and I really regret it.

Commander of the Order
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