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Trading Spouses is another allegedly popular trading card game based on a mediocre TV show. It was invented to promote the TV show as well as give the viewers something to do while they wait for the other mindless drivel that is primetime television.

edit How to play

Players assemble decks from cards they either bought in packs from Target, or from a lot of ULTRA-RARE HOLOs that they bought from a nerdy website. Usually the rare cards aren't even played with. They end up in the greasy hands of some fat collector nerd and sealed in carbonite.

Players throw the cards at each other, one at a time. In tournament play, card throwing machines may be used. The sharper the card, the better. Low level cards have blunt, dull edges, while high level cards are dangerous, and should only be handled by snotty professionals.

edit Types of cards

There are three types of cards, even though nobody cares because you throw them all.

edit Monster cards

Monster cards usually depict a woman in some stage of menopause abusing her child and being bitchy.

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