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edit Importance

edit Powers

Gufu has the power to anihilate enemy armor with a mere stick. He laso can gives those powers to another person - but it weakens as it passes to them and they will have to use a weapon. Here, we see a soldier who anihilates enemy Panzer tank witht he help of gufu's powers. Beware of funny looking text, as enemy can see it also!


I can also make stuff invisible! Like this! oh wait... you see it alredy... darn.

edit Ideas

edit G-man Theory

Image 344 850

Riding in style!

G-man is a bastardish liar! He ate all the pringles and left Shephard dying in his closet! And I knew what Calhoun and Kleiner worked with G-man too! Though, Calhoun is allowed to do that... but death to Kleiner!

edit Cold War

Flags map

Mah way!

This is how the globe ACTUALLY looked like in Cold War. I propose you, to take a closer look. As you can see, Canadian frechies are not at any side... cowards! Then Mexico also quit because its people were too lazy to support one of the sides. And the Antarctica was too empty to fight with anyone. People of the world - if you want to fight, do it together! For the lulz!

edit Shoop-Da-Whoop


I know people, who know people, who know people, who know how to Shoop Da Whoop!

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