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“Historical Footnote 0008844530218, The Guest User Username Paradox

Historical Footnote 0008844530219, The Reader being Eaten by an Amoeba”

“Guest User? Most certainly not! I would always sign in! My account name is not Guest User! How preposterous!”

“I once wrote a song called Guest User. It's light rock, y'know. My bro Jesus was rockin' it. It was released on the album Stupid Usernames”

Guest users are users who are guests. They don't have accounts. But what is there was a user, with an account, with the username Guest User? Would the world end? Would we cascade into a fiery chasm of chaos and spam, and eggs, and spam, and beans, and spam, and raging hellfire? And spam? Who knows? Nostradamus predicted that this event would be a footnote in history, directly before the one where you get eaten by a large, spotted amoeba. Don't worry.

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