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Network Working Group
Request for Comments: 20X6

O. Wilde
C. Abal
March 20X6

Sock-To-Sock Protocol

“Get up, get on up. Stay on the scene like a socks machine.”
Status of This Memo
This anidn meno describes the STSP, an IETF-approved extension to the Wiki (see RFC 20X5, Wiki Interoperational Language and Development Environment) and IRC protocols. It allows direct communication between sockpuppets without any intervention from their master whatsoever.
Abstract is a word derived from Greek, or possibly Latin. All the coolest words were derived from these, uhm, languages. To be abstract means to be abstract, speaking about things in the most abstract way possible.
Therefore, some abstraction: This web page talks about a protocol.
Table of Contents
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Checking for open socks servers
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