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edit Word of the Week!

edit Moophasa

Moophasa (or m00phasa) can be used used as a Noun, Adjective or Verb


You stupid moophasa! - Noun (used negatively)

That is (so) m00phasa! - Adjective (used either positively or negatively depending on the situation)

m00phasa this! - Verb (positive/negative)

What does it mean? It is derived from the character Mufasa of The Lion King (Disney) and is spelled phonetically, but the meaning is not related to the animated character. It can be considered internet slang but is sometimes spoken. It is not yet a 'household' word, however there are several small groups of people circulating it, so it could soon become extremely popular. The use of '00' instead of 'oo' is used to emphasise the statement's point as with other examples of internet slang (e.g. 'n00b'). m00phasa is mainly used in a positive context, however, some use it negatively.

It is considered to be strictly non-n00b territory. So-called n00bs are not considered worthy of using it as it puts great dishonour upon the most sacred word. In addition, the term m00ph454 means exactly the same thing, with the leet taken 'to the max'.

Etymology of the word Mufasa (a character from The Lion King). m00fasa (leet variant of original word, with new meaning). m00phasa (Further evolution of leet spelling). m00ph454 (leet taken 'to the max').

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