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“Gravitas? It's not that serious.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Gravitas not being the issue
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"We're after your children and pets."
Gravitas is Not the Issue
This is me, probably
Born 29, March, 1995
Stephenville, Texas
Nationality Culture
Other names Douche-bag, Asshole
Occupation N/A
Known for Crap journalism, Leftist political views, being a dick

Gravitas is defined as a sense of seriousness with an aforementioned topic. I assure you Gravitas is not the issue, I am serious. So serious in fact, that any article I create must contain the word Gravitas, multiple times, it's that serious. We're serious, we must have Gravitas. I cannot convey how serious this Gravitas issue is.

edit Origin of the Name

Despite the obvious redundancy evident in the above section, Gravitas is Not the Issue did not arise from some stupid joke thought of by some redundant moron who dabbles in redundancy, in fact, it wasn't thought of by me at all.

The origin of the strange name actually arose from a joke in the Culture science fiction series written by Iain M. Banks(article pending), wherein some of the artificially intelligent ships have strangely humorous or whimsical names (ex. A warship named A Frank Exchange of Views). Naturally, these artificially intelligent robots also act strangely challenged, despite being all seeing omniscient beings.


Plenty of Gravitas here.

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