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Luigi's Mansion, known as Radioactive Mario Mansion (ルイージマンション, Ruīji Manshon') in Japan, is an action-adventure game developed by Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo LameCube.

The game stars Luigi, the taller and less annoying brother of the video game character Mario. This is the first game starring Luigi besides Mario is Missing! (but no one cares about that game) It follows the done-to-death concept of a haunted mansion that has been seen in almost every type of fictional work. It is about Luigi's quest to rescue Mario (not that anyone wants him to be rescued) and suck up ghosts with a vacuum, and keep sucking until he can suck no more.

edit Gameplay

The player uses the control stick to control Luigi (bet you didn't see that coming) and the C-Stick to point that nozzle every which way. The R button just plain sucks.

edit Plot

The game starts with Luigi winning a mansion in a contest he didn't enter (seriously). For some reason Mario arrives first and is captured by King Boo and his host of boos (no association with the word booze). Luigi arrives and is giving the Poltergust (pun on the word poltergeist) 3000 by a whack job named E. Gadd. Luigi begins ghost sucking with the vacuum, and discovers that his brother has been turned into a painting, despite the fact that he could jump through paintings in a previous game, Super Mario 64. Throughout the game, Luigi collects money, including 882 identical pieces of gold cursed by Cortez, six unnecessary eggs with a question mark on them, and an unnecessary ice key. After defeating a bunch of Boos, who make lame buns on the name Boo, such as "I'm Booigi," "want to play Gameboo Advance," "I'm Boo B. Hatch," etc., Luigi comes to face King Boo. The battle with King Boo has King Boo in a Bowser suit, because apparently every Mario Bros. game has to have Bowser's likeness in it, even if he himself is not present. Luigi's wins and rescues his brother. The mansion disappears because it wasn't real, but somehow Luigi was able to collect money in it that was real.

edit Development

The game's creators came up for the concept for this game by imagining they were in the Bizarro World, where ghosts could somehow be sucked up by vacuums. Work began on the game centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire, and the game was released in 2001.

edit Reception

This game was released in November 2001, and went on to sell somewhere between 4 copies and 500 billion copies worldwide. It has gotten good reviews by everyone except for the people who gave it bad reviews and the people who have never given it a review. It is considered one of the 800 most influential video games in 2001.

“Alaska and Hawaii are not part of the continental United States.”
~ Captain Irrelevant on Luigi's Mansion
“Proffesor E. Gadd's name is a pun on the phrase 'E Gadd!”
~ Captain Obvious on Professor E. Gadd
“Why the hell does every article on Uncyclopedia need a quote by me in it?”
~ Oscar Wilde on why he has not been quoted about Luigi's Mansion
“Damn! Why can't I suck up ghosts with a vacuum? I have to gank ghosts by salting and burning the bones of the dead person the ghost used to be!”
~ Dean Winchester on Luigi's Mansion
“I am getting so hot, I want to take my clothes off.”
~ Luigi on himself
“This game needs to be longer.”

edit Potential Sequels

Despite this game having homages to it in several other games that were released after it, such as Mario Party 4, Mario Party 8, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart: Double Dash, and at least one of the Mario and Luigi RPG games, the team who made Luigi's Mansion has never gotten off of their asses and made a sequel. A statue in Super Mario 64 has been thought to read "L is Real 2041", with 2041 potentially being a year in which a sequel gets released (or you can believe the more reasonable answer, that the text actually reads "Eternal Star.") The following are two potential sequels that under no circumstances should actually be made.

  • "Luigi goes to Hell: Final Friday" in which Luigi goes to hell and is forced to confront the ghosts of his past (get it!)
A potential promotional tagline for the game could be "we are all just prisoners here, of our own device."
  • "Luigi's Hotel" in which Luigi gets trapped in a haunted hotel and must suck ghosts, but no longer has a vacuum cleaner.
A potential promotional tagline for the game could be "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."

edit Notes

  • Luigi finds Mario's hat and glove in the mansion, and yet when Luigi finds him later, Mario is still wearing his hat and two gloves. Maybe Mario keeps an extra hat and gloves in his pockets.
  • King Boo asks Luigi if the Mario Bros. eat gullible soup. Only one person is known to make gullible soup: the Soup Nazi.
  • The name of the ghost Vincent Van Gore is a pun on the name of the Artist Vincent Van Gogh, and the name of the ghost fortune teller Madame Clairvoaya is a pun on the word Clairvoyant.
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