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~ GR33NMAG1K on Creation of humanity

edit ME

Hi, My name is GR33NMAG1K, about 6 billion years old and live on an asteroid in the orbit of saturn.

Lets get this straight, Im a god, OK, im not a very good god (I'm the god of cheese [even though i do not like it], hangovers [even though i dont drink, living on an asteroid] and tripping over small twigs [dont ask]) this is because i was in the coridor being told off by the big God-teacher lady for inadvertantly creating humanity and was the last to get the God powers.

edit NOT ME

assassin, ninja, pirate or any combination thereof, gynacologist, traffic warden, neo Nazi, the one, a small fluffy dog by the name of Mr. Woofles

edit Acomplishments

Member of the Order
Certificate of Respiration
is hereby granted to:
for his/her ability to breathe.
--Uncyclopedia HowTo
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