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edit Episode one a new scrwed begging=

Aquarii:we got a new child but he isnt an aspie dang it!

kim:my brother is loud and stupid

keira:shut up kim and take care of your brother while we are gone

kim:what shut up mom i will!

keira:dont use that tone of voice with me young man(hits kim with a spoon)

(at dizbergs new mansion)

han:hey dizberg where did you get the donuts

dizberg:i got them from OURBOROUS!

dizberg and adam:YAY OURBOROUS RULE!

engelsfair:what?! you got these from OURBOROUS!(PUKES)


adam:i wonder if aquarii is here yet

aquarii:hey guys long time no see

braycat: i hate you

ronalds and engelsfair:YAY COMMUNIST PARTY!

han: speaking of commies.....(knocks out engelsfair and ronalds)

(at aquariis and keiras house)

kim:hey joe settle down

edlon:my king we are reaching the humans

king argon:yes edlon we will have our revenge

aquarii:now were at our house bomb number one number two number three flying piggy FORMATION! UNITE! UNITEING COMPLETE!

nikita:you call this uniting?!

pig:hey go away will ya your making me lose

nikita:you gonna play this all day!

aquarii:no we will take a break for pizza

(large explosion is seen)

TYATU season 4/2 (credits roll)

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