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edit Episode 5 back at the sims

narrator:last time on the young and the uncyclopedians blaning came back to settle the score with han but the communist hating han had a plan if he used the monkeys paw with engelsfair he transformed into captain capitalism and beat blaning once and for what will they do today FIND OUT TODAY!

dizberg: hey look a portal i bet it leads back home

han:yeah lets see if it leads us to the edlons main base

(they all jump through the portal)

aquarii:theres something familiar about this place

han:were in sim town!

aquarii:i hated this place 15 years ago murphy sent us here

flandos: hello everybody sorry im lateith

dizberg:working on the new english i see?

cosaire:yeah and hes annoying and i annex sim town to the french monarchy!

engelsfair:or we could make this town communist!

ronalds:yeah! we should! (gets knocked out by han)


starnes:put the whats it called in the what is it?


starnes: in the what?

han: bag

starnes:yeah put all the valubles in the bags (holds shot gun with the heroes having no weapons)

(a man comes up behind him and kills starnes)

mysterious man: are you alright?

keira: whos he?

braycat: yeah who are you

narrator:who is this mysterious man find out next time

(credits roll)

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