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edit Episode 4 the golden sorcerer blaning

narrator:last time on the young and the uncyclopedians engelsfair once again turned to darth communism and kim who we havent seen for two episodes came back to save her will they find dizberg and the commie obsessed engelsfair FIND OUT TODAY!

(EPISODE starts in mollys base)

keira: come on lets find dizberg and engelsfair and get out of this place


dizberg: hey i found you guys

ronalds:yeah but wheres my commie comrad

dizberg:you mean engelsfair?

ronalds: no i mean a jar of pickles OF COURSE I MEAN ENGELSFAIR YOU NITWIT!

han:(knocks out ronalds) i hate commies

dizberg:i think engelsfair is in this door

han: hey commie wake up your masters here

engelsfair: you mean the real stalin or better yet adolf hitler

han:shut up you dunce!(knocks engelsfair out and they get out of the base)

(infront of the base)

sorcerer blaning: heheh nice to see you han i see your still beating up on commies (knocks out all capitalism people except han)

han:now i have to beat you with engelsfair

engelsfair: i got the monkeys paw it is now upgraded to use two wishes

han:your not so bad for a commie you know?(grabs monkeys paw)

engelsfair:and your not so bad for a capitalist

han: i wish i was captain capitalism(wish is granted)

blaning:no way!ill be a son of a hoozer wait what?

engelsfair:i wish i was darth communism(wish is granted)

blaning:ill still kill you!

darth communism: take this COMMUNISM BLAST

captain capitalism:capitalism BLAST!



(they all wake up)

(credits roll)

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