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edit episode 3 fighting the edlon commander

narrator:last time on the young and the uncyclopedians they went through the kidnapping of keira will they save her this episode youll have to find out yourself

edlon commander: well well if it isnt dizberg im edlon well everyones name here is that lulz........

engelsfair: so your the leader! yaaaaaaaaaaaa (gets out hammer and sickle)

edlon commander:heheh (punches engelsfair he falls to the ground)

dizberg:(says as a suprise)attack of the snake biting its own tail....OURBOROS!(beats the heck out of commander)

murphy:(only engelsfair can here him) engelsfair use the monkeys paw (throws the monkeys paw to him)

engelsfair: go commie power i wish i was a good darth communism (turns to a good dc)

darth communism: heheheheheheheheh take this! (slashes edlons commanders arm off)

edlon commander: aaaaaaaaaaaaa lulz.<dies>

(edlon molly tov nye comes out)

molly tov nye: heheheh what a suprise i thought id never seen you again

darth communism: so its you molly well you wont be living long enough to laugh some more

molly tov nye: heh yeah right im going to kill you we have a motto everyone must be edlon! yaaaaaaa

dizberg:(throws ourboros snake) hahaha (snake eats mollys head off but he isnt dead)

molly tov nye:lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz

darth communism:i only have 12 seconds left to keep this form! (slashes molly to bits)

(at the top of mollys base)


kim: are you al right mom

keira:we said for you to stay home with joe hes with you!

kim:gees sorry mom (unhooks her from the wall)

keira:well its good that you came

kim:come on lets get the rest of the guys and get out of this place

(they find everyone but dizberg and engelsfair)

(credits roll)

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